Wuxue crayfish "bounce" Shanghai Foreign table
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Yesterday, filled with English label marked with a small lobster products, container vehicles, from Wuxue City, Hubei, Shanghai Railway Station Industrial Park, Kun aquatic issued by ocean vessel exported to the United States. Hai Kun is the largest seafood processing base in eastern Hubei, one of the major production and processing of freshwater crayfish, the United States Ictalurus, tilapia and other products. The company established a base of 5 acres and 8 acres of natural fish lobster fishing areas, the implementation of standardized ecological farming. Its products meet the standards of food production companies and the U.S. and EU import standards. In recent years, relying Wuxue leading enterprises to develop characteristics of a small lobster industry, the current breeding area of 10 mu, annual output of over million tons, the output value of a billion. 100 million a year from the municipal government as a small lobster industry development fund to support small lobster seed breeding base and the standardization of health breeding demonstration base construction. Of certain large-scale farming to take "Yijiangdaibu" way to give direct subsidies.