Hubei Zhongxiang work carried out is prohibited to catch crayfish
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Since September, Zhongxiang City, Hubei Province, to take active measures to seriously implement the provincial government on the implementation of crayfish notice of the spirit of the ban, lobster ban small-solid work and achieved remarkable results. First, strengthen organizational leadership, program development of the ban. In late August, the city has held a special meeting of the ban crayfish, set up headed by the Secretary of aquatic crayfish ban Leading Group (city fishery affiliated stations), the unified leadership of the city crawfish ban work. Meanwhile, the government issued a "ban on the implementation of crayfish notice," and with local conditions, to develop a "implementation of Zhongxiang City crayfish ban program of the system," clearly the objectives, priorities and implementation steps. Second, extensive publicity, and create no-take atmosphere. The end of August to early September, through the media, publicity vehicle (boat), the issuance of information notices and other forms of extensive publicity crayfish ban the content, purpose and meaning, in particular, to increase the fishermen, fish processing enterprises operating owners of propaganda to make the ban work crayfish known, well known. The third is to focus the work to ensure that the ban effective. In recent months, the city announced to the public 24 hours a day hotlines, and the organization of fishery law enforcement personnel, in-depth key areas, key positions, extensive inspection of law enforcement actions. To the Han River, lakes and other natural waters, focusing on thorough investigation of illegal fishing practices; to the port, markets and other places, focusing on thorough investigation of the illegal sale of wild crayfish behavior; to restaurants, hotels and other establishments focus on thorough investigation of the illegal processing Wild crayfish behavior. A total of more than 30 law-enforcement inspection organization, the confiscation of 200 kilograms of releasing wild crawfish, crayfish effectively protect wild resources. Currently, the city has been completely eliminate the wild behavior of a small lobster fishing.