People Network public opinion respond to the report made the event handler lis
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Yesterday, launched by the People's Network public opinion monitoring room "local response capacity of the network analysis of public opinion (July-October 2010)," officially released, this newspaper published an exclusive license. The reporters found that the current report recommended a number of "positive cases." For example, crayfish disease Nanjing incident, because the local government authority of timely release of information to quell rumors, was named the "information transparency recommended case" . Jinan Public Security microblogging group, the successful rescue "Webcast suicide" Nvwang events, positive evaluation by users, was named "the government (officials) microblogging recommended case." There are cases in Guangdong Dongguan Internet novel, because Police promptly corrected, was named the "credibility of the repair recommendation case." Special Issue report focuses on the province's network of public opinion respond to the situation and spoke highly of. Reported in the past year, the Guangdong public opinion on the Internet involving as many as 20 pieces, ranking first in the provinces. One negative news Quite a few, such as homicide, Dongguan labor Ambrose Huang, Shenzhen "box home," Guangzhou "roar man", but who can not therefore deny: Guangdong is the most robust economic growth and social areas with the highest degree of openness, but also " Internet in politics, "doing the best regions. Reported that the Guangdong provincial party secretary Wang Yang, criticized the report in person to do the backing of the press; Guangdong police opened micro-blog, "Ah sir" the Internet to communicate with users in a timely manner; Guangzhou municipal government drying books online; Shenzhen has led the limits System "bare official" cadre policy; Dongguan to give to the press release "exclusive interview card" attempt, corrected himself and said "not developed and implemented against the trends of modern society, editing system" ... ... the relaxed atmosphere of a top-down, People have a place to speak of Guangdong, the Government has to learn to listen, "civil society" in developmental growth.