China Disease Control Center to a small lobster conviction commercial sale of aq
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China CDC to small lobster "conviction" after the number of fish merchants are no longer the capital sale of small lobsters. Not only that, the restaurant business is a small lobster plummeted. CDC experts in Nanjing, China on the "lobster" incident shows the final conclusion, Nanjing crayfish "rhabdomyolysis syndrome" patients suffering from disease as Huff, is indeed related with the consumption of crayfish. Although experts said the cause of food to eat crayfish, small chance of an accident, but many diners still expressed concerns about the capital. Seafood Market Seafood Market traders stopped selling crayfish "So to sell about 200 pounds per day, and now also has ten pounds." Morning just a seafood market traders told reporters. The merchant told reporters that sales over this group, he does not intend to continue to operate a small lobster. It is reported that the business market with similar situations as well. "I went to the market in turn, saw no lobster to sell small." Seafood market in Beijing, Shenzhen Property Department Jiangjing Li told reporters that although the seafood market in Beijing is not mandatory ban deep crayfish, but they have no business sold. He said this was mainly due to appear in Nanjing just eat crayfish pathogenic news, business market has been hit crayfish, originally million kg per day sales of small lobsters, click on the plunged 8 percent. "Crayfish are fresh products, difficulty in marketing is a dead loss." Jiangjing Li told reporters, after a lot of businesses have huge losses, in addition to no conclusion on the matter at that time, Beijing's consumers are very concerned about food safety issues, crayfish long time, not business, So they simply turn to other sales. Seafood market in the Lishuiqiao, where although there are commercial sales, but the business of the past, and reduced by at least 4 percent. The official told reporters the market, the market traders selling crawfish very strict, strict implementation of the purchase of the Ticket, cable card system, and increased the intensity of the remaining test crayfish. Gui Street Crayfish fear will slowly disappear to make way Can be regarded as a concentration of Beijing's eating crayfish Double Street, businesses are really feeling the "shrimp" is hard to sell. "Today, we store sales fell badly crayfish, down nearly 7 percent." Last night, Hua Jia Yi Yuan relevant person in charge told us that in crayfish convicted of "guilty", the home business are tremendous impact. In addition, the reporter learned that some operators of small lobsters Gui Street restaurant in the past seven jin sold every day, it has far less two years ago. However, after the outbreak of the Nanjing incident, and now can sell up to four or five pounds a day, but also a decrease of 4 percent. Double Street, said the owner of several restaurants, and now Double Street is no longer the site of small lobsters, and some in power to change your snails, fish and other shuttle side dishes are far better than the traditional crayfish past scenery. "If no one would dare to eat crawfish dish slowly disappeared.", A restaurant owner said.