Guangzhou is daily after half tons of dead shrimp flows into the market to feed
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Graph: In stone card some feeds four, the making environment of sweet hot shrimp is very harsh.

Graph: A lot of people buy the dead shrimp that installs in small basket.

Core clew

Dead shrimp cost: 4 yuan / kilogram

General price of sweet hot shrimp: 30 yuan / kilogram

Dead shrimp endangers: Vivid crayfish itself carries lung fluke disease, schistosomiasis, black branchial disease and lifelong belt bacterium; Degenerative crayfish protein is cankered, citizen edible will be affected more healthy.

4 yuan of a kilogram dead crayfish, after black heart businessman is bought, by does twice to suffer the sweet hot crayfish that ovine city citizen favors partly, the profit of nearly 8 times, cause dead shrimp of hoisting jack of daily even more to flow into the market. Because edible is dead,shrimp has to citizen body great damage, the reporter is dark recently sought market of yellow sanded aquatic product, discover mouth of a few crayfish archives can give illegal businessman obligate dead shrimp designedly, daily have even more half tons of dead shrimp is sold toward 3 yuan in, stone card and bare hillock are taken, the part inside city feeds four to also can use these dead shrimp.

On June 11 midday: Mouth of aquatic product archives dies everyday shrimp sell like hot cakes

The shellfish market that the reporter produces the market in yellow Sha Shui found to be called " Li Ji aquatic product " archives mouth. The inn boss of surname plum hears the reporter wants to buy crayfish, gesture to more than 10 cases in inn, "These are crayfish. " the reporter sees 3 men are dividing crayfish of one big case into 4 categories new case, plum the boss says: Big big and fleshy of a kind of body, shrimp carapace is red nigrescent, be born to have energy suddenly, this kind of trade price is 24 yuan / kilogram; The 2nd kind is medium administrative levels, somes bodily form is relatively small, fresh still, the price is 16 yuan / kilogram; The 3rd kind is more take second place, some more emaciated, remain work nevertheless, the price is 14 yuan / kilogram; The 4th kind is dead, buy valence to be 4 yuan / kilogram.

The reporter asks: "Dead shrimp also somebody is bought, with what will do? " plum the boss says: "Should, how does nobody want. Those do hemp hot very hot take this to do, in hemp hot Shang Li is ironed do not hear give a stink, now to be warm, here one day wants work off 1000 kilograms of shrimp, can having 100 kilograms at least is dead shrimp. " subsequently plum the ark of a heavy snow that the boss points to back says: "Today's dead shrimp was here, if you want, take away, a jin of n duality is OK. A jin of n duality is OK..

The reporter asks: "I want set up shop to do sweet hot crayfish only, take dead will do be no problem really? " plum the boss says: "Sure! Dead shrimp profit is high, you are not to gain a point more. The family takes hundreds of kilograms. The family takes hundreds of kilograms..
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