Seedling of shrimp of former chela of gram family name is planted choice and car
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As langouste market sale price go up quickly raise, sell the market increasingly fiery, broad breed aquatics an enthusiasm that breeds langouste is all-time and rising, promotion speed is very breathtaking, such certainly will cause a seedling to plant supply insecurity, consult knowledge according to preliminary attune, crayfish seedling is planted this year the price rises 50 ﹪ than last year likely. Below the circumstance of case of such high price, the breed aquatics that broad need buys a seedling to plant door must careful, in buy a seedling to plant the following must notice in the process:
1, the seedling is planted must plant from normal seedling manufacturing unit is bought, cannot easily from the market fragmentary buy, the shrimp that prevents to purchase use medicaments to capture is planted the death after creating next pools.
2, the seedling is planted before buying, must plant to the seedling manufacturing unit undertakes the spot makes an on-the-spot investigation, plant to the seedling the fundamental condition that produces an unit should become a comprehensive, detailed knowledge, prevent to be deceived.
3, the seedling is planted must be plant from the seedling catch in the breed aquatics that produces him unit or progenitive pool piece, style quality is sterling, color of body watch as good as and lichenous wait for attachment, individual and plump had spent, the constitution is hale, appendage is all ready, formicate is rapid, strong, the young plant that cannot purchase buy in and sell at a profit of course pass on is planted.
4, the seedling is planted from breed or breed the pool is caught of short duration is made raise a bit after going out can carry, cannot long in pot of short duration is raised, can affect surviving rate otherwise.
5, carriage method must proper. Use normally at present and the method with better effect is: Basket of reinforcing steel bar is used to wear when carrying, outside the square box of cloth of net of Bao Juyi Xi ships, the ply that shrimp installs inside box must not exceed 10cm, optimal ply control is in 5cm. One's store of valuables and shrimp substance appearance must the aquatic that laid dip crosses water, box and box are OK the building is folded, most box carrying a layer on the head wants proper cover, prevent sun point-blank, want in carriage road timely have gush water to the case, keep wet.
6. The seedling is planted carry comes after Chi Bian, must honour defend put in a suitable place to breed correctly method. Must let case of shrimp body along with immerse first 2 - 3, total pool of box of the reopen after making shrimp body sufficient and bibulous puts in a suitable place to breed dispersedly, cannot pile up, put in a suitable place to breed to each the dot has detailed examination the next day, discovery has death to want to take out a level in time heavy, computation, complement in time. (Severe Wei Huitang of institute of aquatic product of Jiangsu province fresh water is built clear)
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