Of carapace element make take with application
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Carapace element (housing gets together candy) make take with application

Well-known, human body life is having 5 gist element, namely protein, adipose, candy, vitamin and microelement. And in recent years, division of China and foreign countries
Learn the home to be in research process, realise carapace element gradually (carapace polysaccharide) having main effect to human body. Accordingly, more and more experts begin
Calling carapace element is human body life the 6th element! By French scientist Bulakenuo is discovered, it is extensive consist in the crust of a variety of insects and shrimp, crab
In crustacean animal and in the cellular wall of alga. Experts consider to make clear, carapace pledges to human body metabolization has all sorts of physiology to adjust extensively action.
If immune adjustment and endocrine adjust. Be in what positive effect arrives since disease application and auxiliary cure respect to have, jia Kang and dash forward eye; The turn of life is asked for integratedly
; Menses is asked for integratedly reach diseases of all sorts of department of gynaecology; The cure of tumor patient reachs the secondary action in reducing the cure of put down gently, process that change cure, can restrain tumor fine
Afterbirth grows reach move. Also have effect of very good and auxiliary therapy to disease of all sorts of hepatitis, nephritis and immunity, endocrinopathy at the same time. The expert says, the chemical structure of carapace element is special, it is had to human body adjust cell of immunity, activation, restrain ageing, precaution disease, stimulative heal, adjust the 6 big functions such as function of human body physiology. In recent years, function of tumor, diabetic, physiology year after year of disease of blood-vessel of head of maladjusted, heart rises, medical expert says, the main reason of this kind of phenomenon is the destruction of catenary of environmental pollution, biology, it is the cause that people cannot win carapace native from inside food. Carapace is 21 centuries mankind's indispensable health food character!
Carapace element (the high polymer polymer that Chitin) is a kind of polysaccharide that contain nitrogen, it is a lot of low animals, especially arthropod (wait like the insect, shrimp, crab) the important part of crust, also consist in is low plant (be like fungus, alga) in the cell. Its formal name is (1-4) , 2, acetyl amine, 2, deoxidization, D, Pu gets together candy. If carapace element shucks off the acetyl in the element base, get together for housing with respect to change candy (Chitosan) , because its solve a gender greatly to be improved greatly, often say for solubility carapace element. Nature is annual estimation of complex carapace element has billions of tons, it is a kind of very rich rich that is next to cellulose. Element of finished product carapace is white or hoar, translucent a state solid body, not dissolve at water, rare acid, rare alkaline with organic dissolvent, but inorganic of dissolve Yu Nong is acerbity, but at the same time advocate catenary happening degradation. Housing gets together candy is white or grey Sui Se, somewhat pearl burnish, translucent a state solid body, not dissolve Yushui and alkaline solution, but dissolve at most rare acid, if hydrochloric acid, acetic acid, benzoic acid, cycloalkanes is acerbity,wait make salt. Because carapace origin is rich, preparation is easier and its the character of amino polysaccharide, it has more extensive use than cellulose.
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