Basket the operation technology of the shrimp that catch a river
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River shrimp, call freshwater shrimp again, formal name is Japanese billabong shrimp, the fresh water that lives extensively at our country in the water area such as laky, pond, river. Because its flesh pledges,delicious, nutrition is abounded and times those who suffer people love. The breed aquatics of river shrimp is increasingly flourishing in recent years, but particular problem exists when because harvest,catching and affect economic benefits. Now will basket technology of the shrimp that catch a river introduces as follows, consult for everybody. (One) shrimp basket catchs shrimp to shrimp basket uses bamboo thin bamboo strip commonly or wrap up the belt make up, diameter 15- - 40 centimeters, for " fourth " basket of glyph canister shape. Basket has the import that two shrimp can give not easily then, in " fourth " glyph canister basket the assemble is in one starts to talk. The mouth sets cap, fishbone head is put from here before exercise or the bait makings such as rice bran, wheat bran, build, with stringy general about a hundred basket with every 4- - 10 meters span is fastened together. Also have what shrimp basket cent opens place, need to plunge into on shrimp basket on small bamboo pole, or strung marline, another end fastens a buoy, buy enters water in. Put towards evening basket, next morning closes basket, open a lid to take shrimp. Show some places to use small-sized, cylindroid plastic shrimp basket, there is an import in one aspect of the matter only, another end is a cap, cost is low, the method is simple, catching result is favorable. (2) shrimp ball catchs shrimp shrimp ball to also call shrimp basket in some places, water waits to catch shrimp inside the country in much laky, pond, more careless Jiang He, the effect is better. Shrimp ball uses bamboo, wicker, wrap up the belt make up, the diameter is 60- - 80 centimeters, for oblate form hollow ball, but will broken net piece, the content such as Zhu Sao, Zhu Si, palmy silk fills hollow ball in, hitch with a cord, another end department plunges into a buoy. The shrimp ball of exercise handles in shallow water, it is to plunge into a small bamboo pole to make number directly sometimes, put into water. River shrimp enters the perch inside shrimp ball, photograph feed, general interval 30- - 120 minutes, equalize the boat arrives the surface that places shrimp ball above, a hand is held delimit hook, prison of shrimp ball hook and shrimp ball light mention surface, or capture buoy, bamboo pole, carry shrimp ball gently to surface, another hand again an area 0.3- - 0.8 square metre elliptic or the brail of echelon puts underwater 30- - 50 centimeters of place, carry shrimp ball next pull brail inside, turn the shrimp in brail into cabin again or the of short duration in piscine a bamboo basket is raised. Also have need not brail works, can lift shrimp ball the boat directly inside, shrimp ball medium shrimp shakes a boat inside, this way is simple, but the likelihood has some of shrimp to be able to escape. This law works, if some of small impurities fish or powdery group are put to wait for bait in shrimp ball, catch the effect is better. (3) ground basket, swing basket the ground that catch shrimp basket also call earthworm the net, submit square canister form or " T " glyph. Some places make swing basket, swing basket majority is square canister form. They are made up by PE reticle more, internal diameter 40- - 60 centimeters, long 3- - 10 meters, bicephalous needle, by knaggy composition, general 7- - 16, every ring that makes by iron wire or bamboo thin bamboo strip is maintained, every all have a net inside the section piece of make it need, caliber 10- - 20 centimeters, last are net bursa, fishing flourishing pay catchs thing. When exercise, like perch according to river shrimp at having the water area of aquatic, small stream, will ground basket, swing basket put the shallow water division in laky, reservoir, pond, river, morning and evening each 1, case basket take shrimp from inside net bursa. If bait is put in ground basket, catch the effect is better. (4) shrimp oyster catchs shrimp shrimp oyster is the with the bamboo thin bamboo strip length that makes up fine, horn state that has bigger entrance bamboo basket, 1 meter many long, horn mouth has beard. Like to be habitat on aquatic by day according to river shrimp, nocturnal inside and outside gives an activity, the habit that upstream of water of go against the river changes, it is by the side of branch of a river of wadi, channel, brook, by the bank that chooses to have flow, with fireweed dam (the size of dam should make current has shed dam because of water level of suffocate suffocate heighten) , made formation a whirl flows. Shrimp oyster is put in whirl shedding, greet the shrimp that catch a river. The method of catching river shrimp has a lot of planting, basket effect of the shrimp that catch a river is better. Each district should according to particular case, choose appropriate catching method, in order to achieve favorable catching result. Because value of dead river shrimp commodity can be reduced greatly, answer when the operation very attentive, prevent river shrimp to get hurt or because choke anoxic and produce death. Captured river shrimp should be put in the of short duration in clear water to raise instantly, until fresh appear on the market, in order to raise economic benefits.

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