Breed aquatic product to capture ask with treatment
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Breed aquatic product to capture with treatment requirement

Variety should breed according to differring before aquatic product captures, adopt stop differently medicine and time stopping bait, maintain truly breed product is contented cease medical period regulation.
Farm should at capturing before ask according to corresponding country or occupation standard, combinative oneself breeds environment and the actual condition that breed a process to undertake to the product all or of partial index detect, detect the result accords with a requirement rear can capture and sell.
Capture in the process, appropriate chooses appropriate weather and time, take care to operate, prevent to capture the product gets hurt:
Should use a quantity to reduce damage and the catching that make breed aquatic product strain technology;
After catching, should wash with clean Shui Tiqing as soon as possible breed aquatic product surface, cross much mud and fireweed in order to make its do not adhere to;
Answer to breed aquatic product with healthy kind processing; Ying Xun of catching operation operation fast, with assuring to breed aquatic product body to express temperature won't produce bigger difference.
Should maintain capture appliance, full-dress appliance, purify and water filters system, carriage tool with the cleanness that breeds a product to contact the surface and sanitation, the material that pack should accord with corresponding wholesome standard, still answer to undertake the overhaul and cleanness to refrigerating the establishment, water supply, equipment that make ice to wait. The antiseptic with harmful to human body taboo and last the agent that keep work, ensure aquatic product does not get pollution in carriage process.
Treatment raw material should come from the aquatic product that quality safety assures to produce base. The cutting tool that contacts raw material, work station should use stainless steel data, deposit container to should be used avirulent, without not odour, bibulous, anti-corrosive and can withstand rinses the material with disinfection to be made repeatedly, the surface is slick, without indentation or break.
Treatment process must not use any additive agent for food without the license. If need to add additive, its sort, amount, join a method to wait must accord with " additive agent for food uses wholesome level " (GB2760-1996) , must not use pigment of illicit of national explicit order, antiseptic, character the additive such as improved agent.
Ying Qingjie of the material that pack, strong, can satisfy its to expect use. Answer to fall in wholesome condition, keep in storage within dry, clean, ventilated special storeroom, inside and outside packs material to should be deposited apart. Contact aquatic product directly pack must accord with food sanitation to ask, cannot cause direct or indirect pollution to content content.
The control of primary treatment aquatic product should put in raw material mainly purchase and on wholesome control, the state of the security that includes water and ice, food interface, prevent across of disinfection of infection, hand and toilet facilities safeguard, prevent poisonous and exterior pollution, chemical material use, pest of the health of employee and wholesome control, rat kills prevention and cure.
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