How is crayfish seedling planted put in reach carry?
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Kind shrimp (close shrimp) in Xiamo Qiu Chu puts in, had better be before October, shrimp seedling puts in in 3-6 month.

Langouste is to lie between year of gender maturity, annual progenitive number has different view at present, we think, every only female shrimp a year a breed one, without 3-4 second, shrimp seedling concentration appears in 10-11 month and 3-5 month. 7-11 month has shrimp, but the amount is very few, show apparent different situation appearance.

Should achieve 800-1000 jin mu of crop, every mus are planted shrimp (close shrimp) put in a quantity to be 60-80 jin, shrimp seedling puts in a quantity to be 100-150 jin (20 thousand end) . Langouste is OK from numerous self-fertile, the head stays one year appropriately when catch a few, emerge of nature of the 2nd annual meeting, satisfy production of the 2nd year, need not buy shrimp young plant again. So, langouste seedling is planted need to be bought only. The investment that langouste breeds the first year slants big, basically be the investment that the seedling plants, begin from the 2nd year, because need not buy a seedling to plant, feed makings cheap, breed cost to want to compare pisciculture a lot of lower.

Kind shrimp (close shrimp) price is 20-40 yuan / jin, more than 40 yuan / jin unreasonable, under 20 yuan / jin, be about to take care the quality of kind of shrimp, the inferior shrimp that purchases on the market sells you be careful.

The price of shrimp seedling should be in 20 yuan / jin less than. As a result of what breed artificially the area will rise substantially, shrimp seedling supplies insecurity, can appear have the state that demand exceeds supply. Want special attention to plant the dimensions of seedling field and breed the history, did not breed base or base area is too small is to do not have ability big batch to supply kind of young plant, if breed the history,do not have two years of above, its breed a technology also is not mature certainly.

Langouste is planted the carriage of the seedling wants particularly discreet, notice the following:
1, catch now sell now, reduce dehydration time as far as possible.
2, high temperature season should be adopted drop in temperature, adiabatic measure.
3, should use special carriage tool.
4, not will plant seedling falls into the pond directly, must undertake " take exercise " , make shrimp temperature and water warm consistent, let shrimp slowly bibulous, not by " choke water " . In letting him shrimp climb water next.