Spread of price of abundant of shrimp of boreal Li island
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Go ashore of shrimp of outfit of dock of boreal Li island is busy picture.

Xu hears favorable weather this year, climate is appropriate. Recently, the author understands in dock of island of Li of north of Xu Wen, this ground prawn breeds survival rate tall, grow fast, yield is high, value of the corresponding period is good, annual produce can amount to 100 million yuan of above, with photograph comparing grew 75% last year, it is a historic prawn bumper harvest year.

It is reported, prawn of boreal Li island breeds 560, shrimp Tian Gong 4800 mus, the year's harvest invests 70 million yuan originally, resource is advantageous, the breed aquatics that has a few years technical experience. This island masses with original " large ship " carry, ocean catchs, the crab that raise blueness turns to become the breed aquatics of dimensions now prawn gives priority to course of study. This year as a result of this county good weather for the crops, climate is appropriate, this island masses raises shrimp survival rate tall, grow fast, yield is high, value of the corresponding period is good, above of complete island 80%% breeds door make money, produce per year a quantity to amount to 6000 tons, annual produce 160 million yuan, with photograph comparing grew 75% last year. Among them highest production value door year gain achieves many yuan 70, average every annual produce is controlled 280 thousand yuan, year gain 150 thousand yuan.

The author was interviewed often breed a Xu Ting. He breeds a technology excellent, mode innovates. Breed a condition actually according to place, tian Kuai is concentrated, pollution is spent tall, he innovated inside the island above all 1995 " close partly " mode of prawn breed aquatics, the growth that accelerated prawn is periodic, reduce disease happening. His initiate breeds prawn ten years continuously annual the miracle of gain. Now " close partly " , " whole sealing " breed mode in complete island majority area is popularized.