The villages and towns such as bridge of lake of 10 thousand Buddha, 1000 people
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Easy city county relies on resource advantage, increase policy to give aid to strength, develop contemporary breed aquatics energetically industry, formed a government to drive, bibcock is driven, the development pattern of cooperative linkage, make aquaculture becomes the important pillar of economy of entire county agriculture.

According to statistic, fowl of entire 2007 county raises an amount 31.5 million (feather) , live pig raises an amount 410 thousand, aquatic product crop 32 thousand tons, among them aquatic product of name spy actor forteen thousand five hundred tons, implementation flesh kind always produce 60 thousand tons. Since this year, entire county aquaculture has rapid development again, the crop such as live pig, fryer, langouste predicts to have bigger growth than last year. Easy city county already became whole city the first, the fryer with complete bigger province breeds large county, the Anhui province is famous brand " lake of 10 thousand Buddha " variegated carp of card silver crap already became the throughout the country the 2nd, complete province first organic aquatic product, the characteristic industry of rapid development - langouste breeds an area to break through 10000 mus not only, and because quality is good, individual,sell as far as to the big city such as Shanghai, Suzhou greatly.

Policy is driven, conduct scientific development. This county builds demonstrative project to reward capital, standardization is built to set an example in entire county breed a village, popularize technology of intensive, efficient, healthy, zoology breed aquatics actively. Current, already built village of 10 fryer breed aquatics in the villages and towns such as brook of easy tea, 100 fane, peach, construction standardizes henhouse, popularize healthy, science, zoology raise kind; Village of 15 live pig breed aquatics was built in the villages and towns such as river of dry branch of a river, age, Berlin, use industrial policy to begin piggery standardization to transform, build the establishment such as firedamp pool, execute dung corrupt harmless change processing; Village of 3 langouste breed aquatics was built in the villages and towns such as bridge of lake of 10 thousand Buddha, 1000 people, the area just outside a city gate, make langouste brand and industry; In lake of 10 thousand Buddha the town built fish of silver crap variegated carp, 鮰 to breed a village, develop organic fish to breed; Division of contemporary agriculture demonstrative garden was built in Berlin countryside, development in order to grow wind, Kang Yuan the zoology that 1000 cattle farm give priority to two 10 thousand head pig farm and Xinguangming breeds.

Breed large family, bibcock drives development. Aquatic product of agriculture of prefectural government organization, pasturage, finance, hair changes, the branch such as finance establishs industrialization to expand the office, build perfect agriculture science and technology to extend direct system. Current, birds of entire county cultivate breeds, the dimensions large family of the trade emerge in large numbers such as treatment, aquatic product, eider down has many 1500, obtain enterprise of bibcock of provincial agriculture industrialization to have 4 among them, obtain enterprise of bibcock of industrialization of city class agriculture to have 7. Industrialization rate amounts to entire county fowl 80% above. Already formed the rasorial breed aquatics that what be bibcock with company of food of company of food of star of company of silver-colored source breeding, summer, Heng Fu to machine industrial catenary, the organic aquatic product that is bibcock with head office of fishery of lake of 10 thousand Buddha breeds sale net, the eider down that is bibcock with the eider down company such as Yu He, Hua Jiang machines an industry group.
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