Hold to " small change big " , " shallow change deep " , exert oneself catchs go
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Deputy mayor Wang Zhipeng asks on the meeting, want to stress a focal point, catch agriculture of good Qiu Dong to work. Want to stress the development of good aquaculture. Should raise construction of base of small-sized and pool, small reservoir, laky, zoology breed aquatics and development of small land reclaimed from a lake to attach most importance to a dot with essence of life, hold to " small change big " , " shallow change deep " , according to " piscine pool depth of water 3 meters, form a complete set of establishment of cement slope protection, irrigation and drainage, concentration is connected piece " standard, center devoted, concentrated force to measure, finish " 3 change to be built " 50 thousand mus; Exert oneself catchs good crayfish wild ask sb to bring up one's child, the area strives to achieve 100 thousand mus this year; Construction good aquiculture is tall standard board piece base, today wintry Ming Chun, the villages and towns that founds aquatic product to be pressed down greatly wants those who construct scale of 2 5000 mus of above to connect a high level base.