Idle cropland brook raises langouste light light Songsong sent the home
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Hubei saves the edge of all corners of the country of yellow plum county to have a lot of feral crayfish. The fishmonger a few years ago people when peddling a fish to go to Nanjing, catch incidentally the crayfish here sold together, did not think of the sale is pretty good still. In last few years the price year after year of crayfish is climbed litre, catching person also grow in quantity of year after year. The Fang Yaliang that aperture ridge presses down can catch a few kilograms of crayfish only every time. He thinks the free time that uses a rice field raises langouste.
Yellow plum county is basic it is small land reclaimed from a lake, plant every year only one season semilate rice, the bottom transplanted rice seedlings in July, reap after November. Major time is free, every mus income does not spend 300 yuan of money. December 2005, him preexistence of Fang Yaliang rate brings some of shrimp seedling to raise in 700 mus of rice fields rise, do not have husband of a few Nature's engineering, caused the villager people " follow suit " . After a few months, farmer people glad discovery, him crayfish that how is in charge of was brought up, the fireweed that fertilizer uses up in cropland is little also. Every mus of crayfish of Fang Yaliang earned 89 yuan of money; With 6 yuan 8 yuan of much, much values can sell 1 kilogram. But he does not know somebody earns one more than oneself times money.
For example inferior the Mao Zhenxiong that what fine earns 1 times money more is next new garrison posts, the growth that he discovers crayfish speed has have quickly slow, the crayfish with differ size appears on the market to be able to sell low only. Then he is caught stay greatly small. He is sent again the shrimp in this locality is very popular now, and prawn is popular in Nanjing, 20 yuan 1 kilogram. Crayfish can be raised to suffer time to restrict in the rice field -- , rice seedlings is inserted by July, tian Li's water is about to smoke dry, crayfish does not have a place to raise, must handle. Mao Zhenxiong also wants farm, he transfers crayfish in the ditch near him rice field; Never think, did 10 thousand kilograms one year. This still saved the money of a large sum of seedlings that buy shrimp for him. His brainwave easily, in July 2006, flat in circuit ditch was dug all round the rice field, breed langouste technically. Come so, need not no hurry unbearably not only sell prawn group by group, OK still good the constitution stay do kind of shrimp; Every mus put dung of 50 bags of chicken, because shrimp seedling should drink fat water. Farmer people look, on every kilograms of 200 shrimp seedling market buy very hard, buy even 40 yuan; If oneself raise kind of shrimp, as long as floriferous 200 multivariate buy manure, and the base fertilizer that these fertilizer still can make paddy in the future; Kill two birds with one stone, learn accordingly.
When langouste appeared on the market 2007, farmer people Tian Li's crayfish bumper harvest. Fang Yaliang was dumbfounded however, why do oneself catch the crayfish amount that rise not as good as in former years is much, and individual a lot of smaller also? Mao Zhenxiong discovers, a mu inside kind cannot exceed an amount, put nevertheless at most 10 come jin kind of shrimp, much can bring about the nourishment in water instead insufficient. Langouste just is brought up gradually in every time ejectable, lifetime of a langouste should retreat just a little 10 times housing; The crayfish that is in hungry condition for a long time cannot ejectable, individual also meet a lot of smaller. And because Fang Yaliang begs rich heart to cut, one most mu put 25 kilograms to plant shrimp. Solved this problem, he earned money this year.
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