Shrimp of Yu Xianzhen fish mixes area of pasture of Wuhan city Cai raise drive f
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"Crayfish already was fond of reap a bumper harvest, adult fish also bumper harvest in sight " , yuxian of area of pasture of Wuhan city Cai presses down farmer Li Xincheng to be radiant with joy recently. He is breaking finger computation, income will exceed 80 mus fish pool this year 100 thousand yuan. Li Xincheng still tells a reporter, the stereo fishery that whole area popularizes his bumper harvest profit from breeds mode.

This year, cai pasture area is on existing piscatorial foundation, big thrust wide pot raises shrimp of rotate of shrimp of eel, paddy, fish to mix raise wait for efficient breed aquatics mode, sufficient mining fishery is immanent latent capacity, begin characteristic energetically aquatic product breed aquatics and brand are bred.

Yuxian presses down the pool of 80 mus of fish that Li Xincheng of villager of iron plum village contracts, those who use is piscine shrimp is mixed raise pattern. At the beginning of this year April, he is overhand seedling of 5000 jins of shrimp, show 3500 jins to already sold shrimp, income 31500 yuan, predict 4500 jins to still can produce shrimp, production value 40500 yuan, income of the annual that raise shrimp can achieve 72000 yuan. Additional, the fish that piscine pool liner raises is planted, can produce a fish 40 thousand jins, production value 120 thousand yuan, total income can amount to piscine shrimp 100 thousand yuan. Li Xincheng tells a reporter: "This pond is average this year a mu of income should obtain 3000 yuan of fund. The word of shrimp roe, I this cropland was done 4000 big hundreds of money, net profit embellish. Next year should achieve 1000 mus at least, this fish shrimp is mixed raise drive farmer to become rich. This fish shrimp is mixed raise drive farmer to become rich..