Jiangsu province is accelerated advance development of estate of fresh water cra
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The abidance that overcomes industry of shrimp of family name former chela to drive Jiangsu further is healthy and fast develop, in September 22 - 23 days, jiangsu province ocean and piscatorial bureau held industry of shrimp of former chela of gram family name to develop a seminar in Nanjing organization, director of be assigned personal responsibility for of bureau of director of fishery of city of each province administer, science and education (fishery) section chief, fishery of county of relevant focal point is in charge of controller of company of focal point of director of bureau be assigned personal responsibility for, share, nearly 70 people joined staff of chief of unit of promotion of concerned scientific research and the concerned expert learned man that are engaged in overcoming industry of shrimp of family name former chela to develop relevant research, technology the conference. Jiangsu saves ocean and vice secretary of piscatorial bureau leading Party group, deputy director general to Tang Qingning attends the meeting and speak, province ocean and Shen Yi of piscatorial bureau deputy director general undertake conference brief summary.

Deputy director general points out Tang Qingning, fresh water crayfish breeds is the point of growth with new fishery of Jiangsu fresh water, this year, crayfish of complete province fresh water breeds an area to already broke through 400 thousand mus, broke up one time than last year, but with Hubei and Anhui two provinces are compared, difference is very big still, we want to be caught up with quickly. New point of growth wants to be bred with new way, want to rely on innovation of science and technology and system innovation to develop property of fresh water crayfish, the management means of the breed aquatics that should change with industrialized concept, dimensions, industrialization is done make industry of crayfish of strong fresh water greatly. New industry should govern product quality with new concept, should firm establish quality first concept, use pattern of zoology breed aquatics, strengthen investment to taste management, execute whole journey to supervise, ensure the quality of crayfish of Jiangsu fresh water is safe.

When the conference ends, shen Yi deputy director general raised specific requirement to development of estate of fresh water crayfish, the requirement saves each district to stand in the height that builds contemporary fishery completely, adjust measures to local conditions, high starting point, high level does industry of crayfish of good fresh water to develop a program, science develops pattern of direction, development certainly, shut economy of region of crayfish of manage development fresh water, hold respective condition, stress a focal point, form characteristic. Should accelerate fresh water crayfish the seedling is planted characteristics of breed, zoology, breed mode, feed to cast hello, of the crucial technology such as disease prevention and cure tackle key problem pace, for the industry development offers a technology to prop up. Should according to " innovation of science and technology, aggrandizement management, achieve noisy brand, industry to upgrade " development train of thought, development innovation, steady work, push industry of crayfish of complete province fresh water hard good rapid development. Strive to try hard through what control 5 years, make save fresh water crayfish to breed an area to achieve 1.5 million mus completely, crop achieves 200 thousand tons, realize fresh water crayfish to breed dimensions to change hard, intensive is changed and zoology is changed, product production treatment, store carry is harmless change, form " in June langouste October crab " new structure.
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