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More than dry county makes full use of advantage of advantaged water natural resources, do zoology of sufficient characteristic aquatic product to breed an article, in recent years, through internally the lake undertakes be developinged integratedly, those who breed is high quality, without aquatic product of characteristic of social effects of pollution already " swim " went up home big city and each table of Euramerican, southeast Asia and other places. This year 1 to September, production value of entire county aquatic product amounts to 640 million yuan, among them special type aquatic product is occupied 72.3% .

Be located in the Yu Gan of Po in relief lakefront, have can develop water 380 thousand mus. In recent years, this county basis is different water area characteristic, put forward " face the market, adjust a structure, rely on science and technology, adjust measures to local conditions, fan out from point to area, form characteristic " aquatic product develops train of thought, aim at zoology breeds and do not have aquatic product of social effects of pollution, introduce frog of perch of California of Peng lustre crucian carp, United States, United States to wait for breed of ten renown actor, 3 large dominant positions breed key development river crab, mullet, ricefield eel industry. This year, this county compressed the traditional fish breed of 1/3, be in early or late lake of pool of bittern harbor, fishing, luck big wait for water quality admirable area built demonstrative base of aquiculture of 15 special type, area of special type aquiculture increases 200 thousand mus by 150 thousand mus of last year, specialist of special type breed aquatics develops more than 1500, the aquatic product of name spy actor such as the river crab that builds 1000 mus of above, freshwater shrimp, mullet breeds base 70 many.

To raise the content of science and technology of aquiculture, this county invites an expert to build science and technology of special type aquatic product to set an example responsibility area, to breeding a technology that has a standard to groom, build prevention and cure of disease of technical promotion, fish to wait for service system, ensure crop, quality rises steadily. Current, the river crab that 120 thousand mus of surface breeds big lake of this county Kang Shan, already registered " beneficial person card " brand, win a state " green sign " , export can amount to 800 thousand kilograms this year; "Wave card " Po lake mullet already also was declared " green sign " . It is reported, entire county is obtained " green sign " the product already amounted to 15.

Investment will run a plant before this county still introduces the travelling merchant of and other places of Jiangsu, Hainan, Guangdong energetically, have deep treatment to aquatic product. Current, shelled fresh shrimps of silk of prawn of snakehead section, South America, eel, dragon already sold as far as to Euramerican, mound completely only exit starts group limited company this year collect can amount to 10 million dollar, become entire county exit to start the bibcock business that assemble. This county still established economy of special type aquiculture cooperation and breed, association of motion of sale, battalion, built network of information of aquatic product guild, offer antenatal for specialist of special type aquiculture, produce medium, postpartum service. In yellow port, luck big, the county builds terminal market of 3 large aquatic product, in the whole nation 20 many cities built 100 many aquatic product to sell a site, on 10 thousand people are active the market is sold in aquatic product, according to statistic, this year 1 amount to 63 thousand tons to crop of aquatic product of entire in September county, 80% sell past other place.
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