The harm of crayfish
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Nanjing aquatic product studies Professor Chen says " the Chinese does not introduce langouste actively, however Japanese belt comes in " , he tells a reporter, langouste formal name overcomes shrimp of family name chela, it is animal of carapace bottom dwell. Produce North America originally, japan is entered after. According to speculation, go up century 229 time, japanese takes langouste to region of dwell glow country, this is Chinese langouste " matrix " . Langouste gets used to ability extremely strong, no matter be clear,see the lake water of the bottom, still be the smelly ditch that can'ts bear muddily, see its figure. Crayfish belongs to omnivorous animal, small fish, shrimp can serve as its food. Heavy metal, smeary although not be of crayfish,photograph feed an object, but these having " poison " material can adhere to go up in food, enter langouste system inside. If be in the water that heavy metal ion pollutes,live for a long time, inside langouste body " poison " won't be excreted, can accumulate gradually only. So, even if crayfish is not rife " foul water is clean implement " , its bowel is path, branchial " full of " helminth and bacterium.
Safe " have a way: Boil on 40 minutes

Bypass " heavy metal is polluted " do not carry, langouste also has relative safety have a way. Professor Chen Chuxing passes scientific test to confirm, boil langouste on 40 minutes, bacterium can basic be exterminated. But at present the practice pattern of the langouste on the market is renovated, some " water boils langouste " do not boil only, some explodes only fry a few minutes to go up with respect to end desk, most short of " boil frowzily " the requirement of 40 minutes of above, such langouste goes against edible for certain healthy.