"Green " langouste whole body 98% can eat
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Professor of college of Chinese drug family excogitates annual comestible of fertilizer of sweet crab of chrysanthemum of soft carapace langouste come fall, langouste slowly climb down the citizen's table. But in the future, langouste retreats city mid-autumn " outmodel conventions " the change, because He Zhizhong teachs college of Chinese drug family,had excogitated " the high yield cleanness of fresh water langouste breeds a technology " . Before long, nanjing citizen is OK annual samples " green " full langouste of the standard. He breeds the soft carapace langouste that go out to have the case like a film only, all over 98% OK edible.

Soft carapace langouste can connect housing to eat

Recently, the reporter saw He Jiao awards bred soft carapace langouste, shrimp carapace is transparent. When edible, have a pair of teeth only (renown bezoar) need is refuse, those who remain 98% can eat. Under photograph comparing, of common langouste can eat a part too little, have 6%-16% only.

So, how is such soft carapace langouste to breed come out? "Technical key is what get softness when langouste nature exuviate is individual. " Professor He introduces. Actually, shrimp kind natural fade carapace should be experienced more than 10 times in animal lifetime, during fade carapace, they transform the calcium inside housing into calcium of going from place to place first, absorb into the flesh, grow soft mec housing first next, the calcium of going from place to place in the flesh is qualitative " flow " into housing inside, housing hardens slowly again. If catch in time when growing soft mec housing,come up, became edible to lead very tall soft carapace langouste. It not only delicate, and the calcium that contains body of a large number of extremely easy humanness to absorb and carapace get together candy.

"Green " langouste is special and clean

In last few years, professor He feeds mix into to change feed into the tall nutrition of a few nourishing Chinese traditional medicine to crayfish raise, assure the unripe long process of crayfish, let crayfish fade housing period comes on time, next in fade langouste of will soft carapace catchs inside housing period come up. Current, he breeds a langouste of several jins of soft carapace successfully already.

In fact, the characteristic of soft carapace langouste can take even case not merely, lose less, still have get much nutrient value higher than common langouste, and particularly clean. "The nutrient material inside the body before langouste exuviate accumulated saturated position, for farther grown ability adventure shucked off the armor that protects life, langouste is most right now so puffy. Do not take food in before exuviate 24 hours as a result of it again, the platoon became empty all contamination in alvine path, together with is shucked off crust and old branchial, its inside and outside is so clean, spotless " .