Pedlar buys dead crayfish to sell restaurant
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Pedlar buys dead crayfish to sell restaurant (graph) Before dawn time, inside white alluvion big market, pedlar is busy checkmate shrimp case bales.

The reader is informed against --

Somebody buys dead langouste

Recently, the insider informs against to our newspaper reporter: Fierce prosperous is white inside big market of alluvion farming by-product, dead langouste trades the phenomenon is common.

According to this clew, the reporter is in afternoon at 19 days see inside area of aquatic product of big market of alluvion farming by-product in vain, before many trading company that sells crayfish somebody is paring dead langouste, but the amount is not large. "Not much now, you look in the middle of the night again. " inside the market one is managed door say, before dawn just is langouste trades rush hour, also be the height period of time that buys dead langouste.

Cheap disposal of goods at reduced prices --

Dead shrimp price only 2 yuan / kilogram

Overnight 11 when make, the reporter comes to white alluvion again farming by-product big market, brightly lit of the lights before seeing aquatic product area sells a few trading company of crayfish. Because time is still early, at that time only small freight car of two compartment type is in discharging, the model charging basket of replete langouste is removed by layer cascade, every basket weight is controlled in 30 kilograms, most above there is ice cube inside a basket.

Before a commercial firm, have 3 male one female choose langouste, in already will be being thrown into box of a bubble with dying langouste to death, did not install to a hour full two box, among them the broken ice outfit that one person gets on the ground with shovel takes case in, after be being sealed with adhesive plaster, pile up in the corner.

Before dawn zero hour is made yesterday, inside aquatic product area gradually busy rise, of deliver goods, the car in an endless stream of replenish onr's stock, surround the trading company that sells langouste watertightly. After every batches of goods arrive, the worker can undertake langouste sorting instantly, every the dead langouste that choose gives different amount, be installed to put by cent aside.

Reporter feign outfit hits goods to cross meantime. As we have learned, the langouste trade price with small build makes an appointment with 6 yuan / kilogram, 9 middle-sized yuan - 12 yuan / kilogram, build is big criterion 13 yuan - 15 yuan / kilogram, and dead langouste price only 2 yuan / kilogram lower even.

"Did dead shrimp sell what to do? " boss of a commercial firm says, the whereaboutldirection of dead langouste is cafeteria mostly, "Multi-purpose come braise in soy sauce and barbecue " .

Before dawn 2 when hind, the person that participates in langouste to trade is increasing, a few people that are carrying bag often move back and forth between booth dot, buy dead langouste only. By the side of the passageway that is sewage completely, a man of many years old 40 is lowering his head clutch drops langouste head, in entering shrimp end outfit a polybag.
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