The processing technique of shrimp
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Shrimp, namely Chinese shrimp, renown Xiaobai shrimp, water shrimp, test program, cherry shrimp division, body side is flat, crust is thin.
Body length is average 2.5-4 centimeter. Frontal eminence is smallish, flank shows a triangle slightly, lower edge is inclined and small music, upper edge has two a tooth-like part of anything, tail section is very short, extreme circle, without thorn, the second half of side predestined relationship and end predestined relationship are provided penniform. Before 3 pairs of conditions are sufficient submit tiny clamp form, hind two pairs degrade completely. Body is colorless and transparent, only mouthparts part pass an imperial examination 2 touch whip to show red, the n of section of the 6th abdomen is small show red, of end limb inside limb radical ministry has 3-8 red dot. Live at the shallow sea of silt bottom, it is more near bay bay or bayou. Natant ability is poorer, winter to in mobile, spring comes alongshore place to lay eggs later, lay eggs period long, from May the last ten-day of a month comes September the last ten-day of a month, egg sinks partly quality, young shrimp grows very fast. Our country all is produced littoral, with the Bohai Sea coastal crop is the biggest. Catch multi-purpose piece of net. Divide outside be being fed for delicacy, still can machine dried small shrimps, shrimp paste, shrimp sauce to wait. Plant approximately have Japanese shrimp, bodily form relatively Chinese shrimp slightly small, of its end limb inside limb radical ministry is only bigger red drop. Our country north and south all is produced littoral, catch with set net, also be a kind of important economy shrimp kind.
(One) dried small shrimps of dried small shrimps, it is the dry goods of shrimp, have unripe dry taste and ripe dry taste two kinds. The dried small shrimps that produces with Chinese shrimp is excellent. Shrimp body small, skin is thin, work after making making the person feels very easily is a skin only, dried small shrimps namely from this and come.
The nutrient value of dried small shrimps is very high, the price is belonged to to compare choice seafood of cheap in a popular style to taste in aquatic product. Classics assay contains protein in dried small shrimps of each 100 grams 39.3 grams, adipose 3 grams, carbohydrate 8.6 grams, calcic 2000 milligram, phosphor 1005 milligram, iron 5.5 milligram, sulfur amine element 0.03 milligram, riboflavin 0.07 milligram, nick is acerbity 2.5 milligram. The content of the calcium in dried small shrimps and phosphor is most considerable in aquatic product, children appropriately edible dried small shrimps, grow to its development greatly beneficial.
1. ripe dried small shrimps (1) material handling: Shrimp wants to spend quality classify by delicacy before treatment, machine respectively, lest lump of stand or fall, reduce finished product quality. Raw material delicacy has been spent, wait for foreign matter without silt, but direct water is boiled. If have silt and other foreign matter,need abluent and choose. Sieve of usable bamboo basket is washed, its method is 5-8 of shrimp of traditional Chinese clothes of preexistence water basket kilogram, catharsis undertakes in the big crock that is put into seawater of Cheng Youqing clean next or cask, the one handgrip when washing lives to swing in the left and right sides in water by the side of basket, flip through gently single-handed the shrimp in basket, make silt is poured out of from basket aperture sink benthic, and conveniently chooses small impurities fish and other impurity, abluent hind put forward basket waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall.
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