Aquatic product of division of state of Ning Bo Yin (crayfish) producing area is
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Recently, peaceful wave city was announced did not have list of producing area of produce of social effects of pollution 2008, 18 produce producing area ranks my region such as the place of production of 340 mus of grain of cooperation of treatment of village round commissariat among them, the area amounts to many mus 30 thousand. So far, my area exceeds 290 thousand mus without area of producing area of produce of social effects of pollution.

Having agriculture of social effects of pollution is a stress that in recent years my area agriculture develops. Whole area fluctuates to be core with enhancing standard of produce quality safety and competition ability in the round, approbate with attestation, examine detect, the safeguard system construction such as standardization is a foundation, advance agriculture to standardization is produced and do not have attestation of produce of green of social effects of pollution energetically, ensured food safety effectively. Current, whole area is high grade already held produce sum total without produce of social effects of pollution 6 into above. These pass attestation involve the dominant industry such as commissariat, aquatic product, pasturage without producing area of produce of social effects of pollution, if aquatic product does not have gross of producing area of social effects of pollution to already amounted to 13, area 11160 mus, cover my area aquiculture is main fish of the South-American white prawn in breed, swimming crab, fresh water, crayfish, laver, river crab.

In addition, "Ning Bo Lin is careless " , " shellfish of short for Zhejiang Province of camphor tree village " and " dish of Qiu Ai snow " still obtained mark of national country of origin to protect. Whole area presses down countryside 20 times (street) built vegetable basically to appear on the market card system, enclothe grow vegetable area 35 thousand mus.