Carapace element and carapace get together candy brief introduction
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Carapace element (a few Ding Ju candy) carapace element is carapace qualitative (CHITIN) with a few Ding Ju candy (CHITOSAN) common says. A few Ding Ju candy are the takes positive electrical charge exclusively edibility animal fiber in nature. Medical division academia its praise the candy that it is afterwards, protein, adipose, vitamin, mineral (inorganic salt) later human body must essential factor of the 6th life. Carapace element is the edibility animal cellulose of the carapace animal crust such as carapace of consist in crab, because unique molecular structure and manage turn sex of property and good biology consistence, degradation, make it is in the respect such as medicine, food, cosmetic, agriculture, environmental protection and enzymatic solidify carrier has extensive use.
People experienced long years to the understanding of carapace element. From 1811, french scholar Henli Brocronnat. Extract carapace element from the depart in dawdle first, to 1859 French Rouget discovers carapace element can dissolve at organic acid, from now on the world had abecedarian knowledge to carapace element. From this century the research that carapace element concerns since 60 time becomes very active. Japan included 1982-1992 10 years to develop a plan Jia Kesu 1982. Japan allocated funds 1984 5 billion dollar entrusts 13 universities to be used at communicating development carapace element, scientist of American Washington university discovered carapace element is to have physiology active material above all 1986. This one discovery is exhibited to will be sent henceforth, development carapace element laid theoretical foundation, caused the attention of the whole world particularly. Someone says: "Like never a kind of material resembles carapace element, be mixed to apply by so extensive research. "Also someone says: "The research of 21 centuries polysaccharide is the most promising is carapace element.
As a result of carapace element special physiology function is discovered ceaselessly, cause bound of global science and technology and industrial group take seriously, international society already had held 7 carapace to get together early or late candy learning conference. Get together every year about housing on the paper of the development of candy 10 thousand, at the same time also a lot of monograph and patent come out. Japan has an application carapace 3 days every on average to get together the report with candy patent application. The whole world is engaged in the business that carapace element develops already amounting to on 1000. The field of studies development already became common people to fix eyes upon science and technology of carapace element and gain profit quite the burgeoning industry of abundant. A few developed countries contend for devoted and many capital to undertake study to develop. Japanese government dials 5 billion dollar to start funds to entrust 13 universities of countrywide to undertake to carapace element the system is developed, gain huge success in basic research and application development respect up to now. At present carapace element is the functional sex food that Japanese government permits Xu Xuan exclusively to spread curative effect. Thick unripe province accepted Japan 1993 the application that carapace element action transfers medicines and chemical reagents of depressor vein inject at cancer cell. Carapace element passed management board of American medicines and chemical reagents, food again 1996 (FDA) reach Europe in all body (EC) check and ratify, approve is sold in American Europe. The research development of carapace element and its commerce product already appeared global competition trend, the high speed that will continue to keep stable develops.
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