What to differentiate the method that chooses fresh crayfish correctly to have?
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The key that pick shrimp is to should be carried fresh a big, surface of endure with all one's might of body of bright, shrimp, it is when crayfish is the most delicious 5 to October, seeing crayfish is clear water or muddy water breed aquatics, see back, gong Liang is clean, break up to see abdomen and ungual nap again, if be fair and clear and orderly, basic it is clean water quality is raised come out. Admirable water endowment raised langouste flesh is qualitative full, yellow full flesh is fat, the head and truncal size scale are more consistent. And the shrimp that the place with poorer water quality raises is a bit blacker, chela is big and the body is small.

Distinguish the stand or fall of crayfish, actually very simple. Fresh crayfish is bright and full, the flesh is tightened character, and have certain flexibility. If be,be the crayfish that had died, criterion the flesh is qualitative soft, those who look empty sky is not full. After buying shrimp, had better put into water to raise a day first, make its spit the silt inside net put oneself in another's position, the silt of ministry of gangmaster of reoccupy tooth brush and rear is brushed carefully, ability can use cuisine. The method that differentiates female langouste is, if the head body of crayfish joins the skin below place has a pair to become three-cornered spinule, it is female shrimp.

Langouste is differentiated before edible ripe the method that do not have is very simple also, bite namely, if bite when the flesh is not sent soft, special " have chew a head " , at the same time juice is poured out of, it is ripe; Perhaps observe whether the cross section color that is bitten is consistent, consistent ripe.

Dead crayfish and vivid crayfish have the clearest at 2 o'clock distinction: It is circumnutate of the rear after vivid crayfish is thoroughlied cook is spent tall, the flesh inside is closer, and the flesh of dead crayfish loosens quite normally; 2 be vivid crayfish is branchial white is shown after thoroughlying cook, and form is more regular, and the branchial color after dead crayfish is thoroughlied cook is nigrescent, and appearance is irregular. If fed dead crayfish by accident, may cause lead poisoning.