Shrimp of fire hose of Si Hong Qing
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Langouste belongs to test division, wrap around all over armour takes spine, end feather develops, green in have violet, glow. Langouste is fond of shade to be afraid of light, have the habit of dibble live in caves. The progenitive ability of langouste, viability, suiting that contains oxygen to water system capability is very strong, no matter laky river, pond, aqueduct, paddy field all can live, in water system anoxic below the environment, it not only can mount a bank, and can the phytolankton in water of have the aid of or aquatic lie body a side at surface, the cheek that uses body a side breathes to live in order to maintain.

Si big, the Hong Zehu with vast mist-covered water is depended on east, broadness of churchyard lake bizygomatic breadth, a network of rivers is densely covered, reservoir bay pond is dotted, entire county is of all kinds surface 1.66 million mus, have " sunrise fights gold " Hong Zehu is close the surface of 40 % . 1996, accompanying Hong Hongze of Chinese · Si lake crab section, si Hong Xiaolong shrimp as " Jin Shui card " the bridesman of Hong Zehu crab, walk out of Si big, trend world, popular more than 20 countries and area. The water system that Si Hong Xiaolong shrimp grows is good, groove guard of nature of wet ground of lake of Hongze of level of Si big state is its natural oxygen, densely covered a network of waterways, 10 thousand mus bulrush swings, hundreds kinds of hydrophyte is his copulatory with the natural place that grow. Si Hong Xiaolong shrimp produces per year a quantity to be as high as 50 thousand tons of above, the Hong Zehu that it is annulus is the biggest produce a division, annual 6, was optimal edible October period. Si Hong Xiaolong shrimp is maintained to be green product by the country, save famous brand product.

Si Hong Ren eats langouste long-standing, langouste market is unusually hot nowadays. 60 time are prime, this kind catchs never-failing aquatic product to help edge lake counted masses to spend be hard pressed for money, accept conditional restriction, the langouste at that time, boil with clear water only also be forced to be boiled with clear water. The content that masses thinks this is god-given, had beautiful fokelore then. Fire hose shrimp returns Si Hong Qing to overflow Si state city to concern with water so.

The word says in those days succubus of river of the Huaihe River, acaleph empress or imperial concubine of the first rank is Shui Mansi city, carry technically come the water of the East China Sea, in the meantime, also carry will going out the crayfish that amuse oneself does not know to come home, then, hapless crayfish muddleheaded ground comes to Hong Zehu. Crayfish lives in the East China Sea be used to Long Gong, eat be used to choice seafood, the Qing Dynasty that can can bear Hong Zehu how is bitter, gas gets it to often be in the lake tyrannize, make trouble, caused Hong Zehu levee often definitely bank, lake division people suffers disaster. After The Jade Emperor knows, send the Eight Immortals in the legend to arrive crayfish of Hong Zehu punish. After descend to the world of the Eight Immortals in the legend, come to the Mu Dundao in Hong Zehu, an one iron pot with very big mouth is worn on the island, add lake water, put on the condiments such as green, ginger, catch the evaporate in taking crayfish to put bowl to boil with day net next, ripe hind divide at edge lake common people, people had the crayfish that lake water thoroughlies cook, feel taste is very distinctive, in succession follow the lead of, frighten crayfish people in succession burrow hid, from now on not dare make trouble. Shrimp of fire hose of Si Hong Qing from this and come.
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