Use former zoology feed to feed the langouste that come out, the flesh is classy
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"I this uses former zoology feed to feed the langouste that come out, the flesh is classy and delicate, housing can pharmacy, very popular on the international market, after I carry shrimp Wuhan is machined, classics Wuhan exports an Eastern European country, one kilogram can sell 80 yuan! " on May 11, henan saves stockaded village of tung of Tang He county to spread Yang Yixiong of boss of farm of langouste of village of camp of town plum battalion to say gladly to the author.

Yang Yixiong is businessman of a building materials of city of Hubei province Wuhan formerly, followed 2006 the friend of Nanyang city deal is in stockaded village of Li Ying of duck river trunk canal paragraph discover very appropriate langouste raises local climate, water quality when fishing. In the meantime, he discovers place has rich cow dung resource again, and the superior feed that cow dung is feed langouste, produced the opinion that breeds langouste. At the beginning of 2007, below the support of local government, yang Yixiong invests 2 million yuan to build the langouste farm that had 50 mus of water in village of Li Ying stockaded village, put shrimp seedling on 6000 kilograms.

Through the time with much half an year, yang Yixiong uses the langouste nurturance of cow dung feed, first langouste moves, yang Yixiong earned 80 thousand yuan completely. Hero discovers Dan Yangyi, langouste is 30 yuan only in home market every kilograms, and in foreign market every kilograms can sell 80 yuan, vast difference makes him want to sell langouste go abroad.

"Want to turn langouste into foreign trade shrimp, still must raise in zoology on make an issue of. " Yang Yixiong says. To assure the character of shrimp, yang Yixiong is built in shrimp field removed a laboratory, breed the room, water quality room that monitor, invite 3 technologies personnel from special school, father each technical col of a langouste feed, hold to assay of the water quality inside prawn pool everyday especially, always monitor the quality of water. In the meantime, form a complete set built 400 cultivate ox farm, assure the character of shrimp from fountainhead.

In March 2008, yang Yixiong received Wuhan the order of enterprise of a foreign trade, order 5000 kilograms of langouste to export hamster to him, every kilograms 80 yuan.

As zoology shrimp gain fame, yang Yixiong is by choose of chamber of commerce of local breed aquatics vice-chairman, he also is planning to expand shrimp field 200 mus. Yang Yixiong says: "Pool of a mu of shrimp year benefit 15000 yuan, I 200 mus a year can income 3 million yuan, zoology raises shrimp to have greatly ' money ' graph. Zoology raises shrimp to have greatly ' money ' graph..