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National Day golden week 7 days, if the tourist of scene area tourist attraction such as temple of hill of my county iron, Ming Zuling is knitted, guest room of astral class hotel explodes full, appear very infrequent " blowout " phenomenon. According to statistic, in September 29, on October 5, entire county welcomes a visitor in all 223 thousand person-time, entrance ticket income five hundred and thirty-three thousand five hundred yuan, travel is integrated income 112 million yuan, grow 30.6% respectively compared to the same period, 31.8% , 42.5% , appear piece " 3 grow in quantity are 0 " favorable situation. Namely grow in quantity of long-range tourist grow in quantity, tourist of pass the night, rustic tourist grow in quantity, safe accident is 0, came true " safe, order, quality, benefit " 4 unified, in light of total ground, national Day golden week presents following characteristics this year.
The group swims momentum is powerful. From the point of statistic of tourist attraction group, the group that travels to Xu Yi this year holds very large proportion. Main reason is Xu Yi travel insists Cai Duicheng of secretary of county Party committee to catch conduct propaganda by force the sales promotion, strategy mind that makes big travel text, all-around, mutiple level conduct propaganda recommends Xu Yi travel, obtained favorable result; Grow trigonometry and circumjacent area travel agent and car friendly club together, deepness markets product of Xu Yi travel, to Xu Yi recreational travel is accepted gradually, each travel agent is supplementary Xu Yi swims recommend circuit. The organization of the sales promotion that be stationed in a dot that the tourist attraction such as iron hill temple expedites, movement is sufficient, built tourism representative business with much home team.
Drive oneself swim to become the mainstream gradually. Entire county tourist of each scene area with coming loose the guest is given priority to, the guest of 60% comes from a family group of round, relatives and friends and drive oneself swim, they or it is a go on a journey enjoys family happiness, or be 35 know to already made an appointment Xu Yi, or it is accompany of 29 good friends and row, drive and come. The scene area such as iron hill temple, Ming Zuling, come from Nanjing, Shanghai, Zhejiang drive oneself tourist is never-ending, collect fees in Ming Zuling station, every sky midday 8 to at 12 o'clock time Duan Li, almost the car one following the other that every other has a few minutes to registering nonlocal car name and to sail scene area. Area of scene of iron hill temple recieves province of substandard of Shanghai, Nanjing, Zhejiang, Anhui to drive oneself the 60% above that the tourist holds sum total.
Countryside swims sadly arisen. As " farmhouse is happy " travel theme activity year begin, during National Day, to me the county enjoys the rustic tourist with happy farmhouse to amount to 100 thousand person-time, 40% what hold tourist sum total, the new trend that makes my county travel and Xin Liang are nodded. The characteristic farmhouse such as the farmhouse happy snack bar near iron hill temple and stage of the Eight Immortals in the legend is fastfood attracted large quantities of city visitors, recieve a quantity to be in everyday 10 desks above. Come from the city such as Nanjing, Shanghai drive oneself the tourist is sampling typical farmhouse meal while, what still enjoy fish with a hook and line to village of fish of hill of the Dragon King is happy; The farmhouse fish house of either end of a bridge of river of the Huaihe River, everyday deadbeat explodes full. Guesthouse of garden of cereal of hotel of Yue of Si city gentleman, gold, Xu Yi guesthouse recieves tourist of pass the night to be in everyday 600 people above, rental rate amounts to guest room 100% , temple of special iron hill goes vacationing village and weather spring mountain villa, it is one house is begged hard more, lengthened a tourist effectively to be in the retention period of scene area, increased the travel income of the tourist attraction.
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