The villager people new technology of langouste and paddy rotate learned in netw
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3 dragon of big abundant city press down village of the harbor that fight dragon is city of saline city, big abundant new rural area builds pilot village. This village have the aid of is contemporary and long-range educational platform, rich in farmhouse, learn to be in farmhouse, promote wait in farmhouse in farmhouse, beauty " 4 in farmhouse " the activity is perforative the village builds Yu Xinnong from beginning to end, obtained initial effect.

Bring " water " into " cropland " , rich in farmhouse. In the past, this village villager is a fisherman mostly, for change villager idea, they make full use of " the classroom in sky " advantage, in whole village family of 9 Party members door in installed long-range education to receive a point, skill of discipline of masses of constituent Party member, with science and technology. The villager people new technology of langouste and paddy rotate learned in network university, the bold experiment that comes through two years scores a success, obtain shrimp paddy mu benefit 4000 yuan good crop. This year, the area breaks through rotate of paddy of whole village shrimp 2000 mus, can increase income for the villager directly many yuan 8000. Send religion come, learn to be in farmhouse. To let the villager people learn new knowledge quickly, except invite group of city expert instructor to come regularly the village sends cropland head practical technology outside, the village still is invited grow large family delegate and local talent grow the technology delivers the villager. Extend a function, promote in farmhouse. Village of the harbor that fight dragon is captured closely far teach platform to joining farmer directly, connecting market turning point directly, encourage the villager to wash a foot to leave field, wash a foot to to disembark, in devoting into poineering cavalcade, come. This village did the civilian battalion business such as production of sea product treatment, feed, spin, laver early or late many 20, from trade number nearly 1000 people. Science guiding, the United States is in farmhouse. Current, a village orders first phase project building of villa of 40 Europe type already consign villager lives, the villager people after be being moved into pretty small building, do not forget to be oneself " charge " . Now, the villager sunrise that whole village has 30 % about and make, sunset and learn, union is far teach a course content, build fishing port new housing development whip and spur.