Restaurant " characteristic langouste " won cooking patent
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Cudgel one's brains for thought up the method of two kinds of langouste that make, regard restaurant characteristic as dish its, do not want to appear on the table of other hotel unexpectedly later.

Be in Nanjing some restaurant, the clerk recommends to the client: "The shrimp of langouste of this clear water and wheat field that bake is our characteristic dish, taste is very good. " " characteristic dish? Not be, other hotel also has this food. " this answer of the client, invite restaurant staff member very questioningly.

As we have learned, this restaurant passes research and experiment repeatedly, invented the making method of two such langouste, and still filed the invention patent of cooking method. But subsequently before long, many restaurant also rolled out same dish.

This restaurant chose subsequently among them 3 restaurant, sue in order to encroach for patent to the court. This restaurant raised the number of 100 thousand claim for compensation that differs to 200 thousand yuan. In open a court session before today, through the judge's mediation, among them two cases achieved finally " double win " intercessory result: Accuser restaurant sends this inn chef to garrison the accused restaurant, directive " patent langouste " make, offer the condiment that protects as commercial secret to expect to the accused packet of recipe, accuser extracts the 1.5 % of langouste turnover to allow fee as patent; The accused restaurant can hit method of accuser restaurant patent to make the shop sign of langouste.