Of langouste of Chinese fresh water " gold-lettered signboard " brush Yue Liang
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Bureau of aquatic product of the pasturage that occupy town discloses, up to by this year September, our city langouste breeds an area to already amounted to 100 thousand mus, than going up growth of year of the corresponding period 140% ; Breed crop to amount to 40 thousand tons, than going up growth of year of the corresponding period 150% ; Langouste breed quantity amounts to 500 thousand kilograms, than going up growth of year of the corresponding period 160% .

In recent years, the our city insists to regard an industry economy as langouste of development fresh water, as promote structural adjustment of whole town agriculture, breed a structure to optimize, the main move that urban and rural economy coordinates development, thorough development, exert oneself is advanced, came on stage early or late " langouste industry develops a program " , " program of work of construction of base of langouste breed aquatics " , " the opinion that develops about accelerating langouste industry further " , formulate " dimensions of 2008 year langouste turns Hefei city breed, breed base to build award filling way " , invest 1.5 million yuan of special fund, to build and achieving the langouste of model of one established rule or practice and standard dimensions changes breed or breed base to execute with award era fills, perfected the policy that accelerates langouste estate development and measure. "Only the treatment company such as limited company of limited company of food of abundant force green, development of golden roc produce, year shelled fresh shrimps of treatment exit dragon already exceeded 600 tons, realized langouste breed aquatics area, breed crop, seedling to plant breed and the synchronous growth that machine exit. " bureau of city pasturage aquatic product says so about chief.

As we have learned, at present the our city has developed become the whole nation's main langouste artificial breed base and breed, the main estate division such as treatment, become assemble of catenary of countrywide langouste industry to spend the industrial assemble with highest, associated the strongest sex to develop one of towns, was awarded by Chinese fishery association 2007 " of langouste of Chinese fresh water " title. Next, the our city is returned will according to " paddy shrimp continuous cropping, forest raise union, wild ask sb to bring up one's child, link a development, produce in order to sell hurried, group develops " overall train of thought, farther mining breeds latent capacity, accelerate the area such as edge mew lake " 100 mus of start, 1000 mus are connected piece, 10 thousand mus of development " 100 kilometers langouste breeds the construction pace of the belt, promote langouste industry new round swift and violent development, be dedicated to making langouste of our city fresh water gold-lettered signboard. (Xu Aiqun)