Of langouste good city of Xu Yi and pal of city of Lu Wa of New Zealand Luo Tuo
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On September 30, xu Yi and city of Lu Wa of New Zealand Luo Tuo in Luotuoluwa city hall holds autograph of good city of two ground pal to arrange a ceremony. This is the another achievement that section of langouste of international of Yi of Xu of · of the 8th China walks into New Zealand to obtain.

From 2006 since section of langouste of the 6th China, xu Yi builds collaboration to contact with city of Lu Wa of New Zealand Luo Tuo. Come two years, be in between two ground the respect collaboration communication such as trade of travel, education, classics is added gradually much. What bilateral collaboration runs a school is new horse

It is reported, city of Luo Tuo Lu Wa already early or late with American carat the city fastening government office of Ma Sifu city, Japan is mixed Australian Maikeweier city pal good city.