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Meal of interest of compound agriculture, children farming, farmhouse is zoology of with a view to of limited company of agriculture of zoology of Hangzhou joy baby agriculture of major of an organic whole expands a company. Main distinguishing feature is nowadays popularity eats crayfish and union of go angling crayfish to rise, make you angle wildly, eat satisfy a craving! This grange has 60 mus of clean water, use at breeding crayfish, place is completely with feed pure natural, crayfish stature is hale, full of vim and vigour, it is the absolutely cate on table, have the advantage that other cafeteria cannot compare alone!

Respect of integral train of thought, gay good-for-nothing or queer character is go up to be developed into travel deepness agriculture with the ground in dinkum agriculture, sufficient conformity produces resource, cultivate agriculture, breed, horticultural, meal, close child the project gather an organic whole such as recreation. Advocate raw material of pure zoology environment, green, do not have product of social effects of pollution, natural breed aquatics, the concept such as recursive nature, build hard a rural home, natural dining room, close child the Eden of farming interest activity and heaven.

The main item that gay good-for-nothing or queer character offers has:
The parent and child angle jointly crayfish, catch next Zhu Lin chickling, ponds to feel snail lion, picked scanty dish, grow sapling young plant, pull a net to fish, dig potato of bamboo shoots in spring, dig to wait a moment. These activities can let above your child to the top of one's bent the joy that feels rural child, recall the aureate childhood that parents once had had. Here, parents is OK with fondling to the top of one's bent amuse oneself, also can be in grape trellis inferior a cup of weak tea, the child that is bringing happy flavor to look at you is running livelily.

Midday or in the evening, we are offerred simple and the meal that has rich nutrition. You and child are OK also the results of battle that will capture (crayfish, chickling, scanty dish, fish) give our chef cooking, sample next delicate, of course, you are OK also according to us booty favourable price brings back the home to prepare food personally.

Additional, the rustic game such as the hot boiling screw of the farmhouse bean curd that we also offer absolutely tunnel, characteristic, make you but to one's heart's content sample!
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