Welcome -- Xu Yi Yabby (crayfish) !
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"All corners of the land is entered swing, prosperous and lifetime " -- section of Xu Yi langouste is cut really eventually cut the ground to be on international arena. This month 24 days, install Chen Hongyu of secretary-general of members of standing committee of municipal Party committee, municipal Party committee to guide by the Huaihe River " delegacy of section of langouste of international of Yi of Xu of · of the 8th China going abroad " set foot on Australia mainland. In the Southern Hemisphere warm early spring sunshine falls, once ordinary Xu Yi 13 sweet crayfish, settle Melbourne, walk into Sydney, sweet wave admire this... the bosom is being put have famous seafood " big bay dragon " proud, clement Australian person opens double arm enthusiasticly -- " welcome you, xu Yi Yabby! "

"Enter close "

Through the volitation of 9 hours, we 24 days of early morning (local time) machine fall Melbourne. Of Australia farming animal husbandry special develop, to ensure farming the safety that animal husbandry produces, right farming the entrance of by-product is very strict. Enter a country to all need to fill in the card that register, there is close in part on card is about using plant field, very detailed. Be like the 6th: Any food. Include to work, fresh, of souse, those who had boiled reach uncooked food; The 8th: Animal, any parts of the animal reach animal product; Stick even on the shoe of clay, want to declare. If have,conceal, heavy meet instantly by immediately repatriate leaves the country.

Because be in Melbourne to want banquet of Xu Yi langouste, so " langouste of red autumnal leaves " Zhang Yulan and " langouste of Jin Gu garden " Jiang Xiuping is taking langouste condiment and good in domestic cooking vacuum-packed 13 sweet langouste. Write the check that register, everybody is anxiety-ridden.

Began to close. Looking at the plaything such as a large number of moon cake that are confiscated by the side of bar, Chinese herbal medicine, bacon, completely round personnel thinks bode ill rather than well, brought langouste and condiment want. Be turn for us this " langouste delegacy " , translate Xiaogao special " devotional " the ground goes to examine in front of the official, serious ground introduces those who remove us with him " special situation " , hear only examine the official said voice: "Yabby? " my Jing gave a suit cold sweat. Vacuum-packed langouste is broken up to gash bag with the penknife, explanation of little high serious ground says: "We are to answer of Victoria state government invite, will undertake friendly communicating, run langouste red-letter day, these place need goods is late banquet place need -- you can be tasted, our crayfish is very delicate... " listening, examine the official smiles friendlily since the extensive on the face of board move all the time, heard 3 times eventually -- " OK! " our pass a barrier, all of thick chili sauce of the hot pickled mustard tuber that along with brings, eight treasures " husband Rong Qigui " escape by the skin of one's teeth.
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