Crayfish is fond of the Yi Lezao that feeds aquatic series
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Yi Lezao

Yi Lezao (Elodea Nuttallii) produces America formerly, be one kind fast the heavy water of crude high production is advanced plant, the black aquatic plants that distributings inside the country with water of our country fresh water (Hydrilla Verticilata) suffers from grass (division of Vallisneria Spiralis) congeneric forgbit (Hydrocharitaceae) , it is the admirable feed of fish of careless feeding habits, have the effect that purifies water quality again.
Yi Lezao produces America formerly, be a kind high grade, fast the heavy water plant of unripe, high yield, the Hei Zao that distributings inside the country with water of our country fresh water, bitter grass is congeneric forgbit division. Geography of Nanjing of Chinese Academy of Sciences of 90 time classics and laky institute are introduced from Japan.
Yi Lezao has bright, tender, fragile characteristic, it is the natural bait stuff with good river crab. Yi Lezao's nutrition is rich, dry matter 8.23% , thick albumen is 2.1% , crude fat is 0.19% , content of the soak that do not have nitrogen is 2.53% , thick ash content is 1.52% , crude fibre is 1.9% . Its bine leaf and root contain a lot ofE of vitamin C, vitamin and vitamin B12 to wait in the beard, this can complement cast feed cereal and other feed the inadequacy of a variety of vitamins. Still contain rich calcium, phosphor and a variety of microelement, among them calcic content is highlighted particularly. Yi Lezao contains the crude fibre of 1.9% , this conduces to river crab digest and be being absorbed to a variety of alimental. With Yi Lezao raise feeds river crab, dainty sex is better, river crab grows fast, feed coefficient is low, but managing concentrated feed 30% the left and right sides, raise feeds fish of careless feeding habits managing concentrated feed 50% the left and right sides.
Crab pool cultivates Yi Lezao, can purify water quality, prevent water system eutrophication. Yi Lezao can give off many oxygen in the process of photosynthesis not only, a large number of harmful ammoniacal nitrogen that in still can absorbing water, arise ceaselessly, carbon dioxide and lost property of dissolve of makings of the rest bait and certain and organic resolve matter, these action are worth to stabilizing PH, make water quality maintains neuter to slant alkaline, increase the diaphaneity of water system, to promoting exuviate case, raise feed utilization rate, improvement character having important sense.
Crab pool cultivates Yi Lezao, still can build favorable zoology environment, for crab activity, conceal, exuviate, make its grow quickly, can reduce incidence of a disease, raise survival rate.
Yi Lezao comfortable stress is extremely strong. Want water to go up to be able to help advance somebody's career without ice only, air temperature can grow in 5 ℃ above, the winter in chill can with nutrient body live through the winter, when black aquatic plants of bitter grass, impeller blade has not sprout, this grass already grew in great quantities.
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