Crayfish is fond of the bitter grass that eats aquatic series
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Chinese name: Pain is female
Kind Latin name: Vallisneria Natans (Lour. ) Hara
Kind alias: Knotweed duckweed is careless (Hunan) , flat grass
Division Chinese name: Forgbit division
Belong to Chinese name: Bitter grass is belonged to
Lowermost altitude: 100
Top height above sea level: 500
Habitat: Area of low height above sea level is laky in shallow water
Distributinging circumstance:
Originate in and other places of our country Jilin, Heibei, Shaanxi, Shandong, Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Fujian, Taiwan, Hubei, Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan. In south peninsula, Japan, Malaysia and Australia also have branch.
Configuration feature:
Perennial sinks without the bine water is herbaceous, have stolon. Xie Jisheng, line form, long 30-40(50) centimeter, wide 5-10 millimeter, top is blunt, brim whole reason or small fretsaw ages, vein 5-7, without the handle. Individual plant of different of male and female, male flower is small, most, give birth to Yu Xie armpit, bag at having the egg state of short handle inside 3 cracked spathe, staminal 1-3; Female flower sheet is unripe, diameter makes an appointment with 2 millimeter, spathe manages account, tip 3 crack, long make an appointment with 1-2 centimeter, have grain of palm brown vitta, have long power, filiform, extend water, after be pollinated, snail shape is curly, handle room pulls backwater in, perianth piece 6, two rounds arrange, inside annulus often degrade, outside annulus take red pink, bigger, style 3, 2 crack; Below ovary, ovule majority. Fruit is cylindrical, grow when maturity make an appointment with 14-17 centimeter. Seminal majority, filiform. Florescence in August, fruit period in September.
Grow characteristics
Have procumbent stem, white, smooth, tip bud buff. Xie Jisheng, line form or belt form, green or take amaranth slightly. Sepal 3, size differs, go up at water into boat form float, among lesser, in shape of keel of costal region ministry, extend up be like sail.
Gardens utility
Leaf of the plant that suffer from grass is long, emerald green, fascicular, the stuff of good underwater flowers that is pool of scene of arboretum water scene, beauty spot water, yard. Also suit afforest of indoor water system, it is the good stuff that decorates aquatic animals box, often make setting grass use.
Breed is bred
Seminal breed and asexuality are progenitive. The seed is progenitive: 3 ~ in April seminal vernalization, sow in nutrient earth, ground of the tower above that add water 3 ~ 5cm, heat preservation is protected wet, wait for grow hale transplant. Asexuality is progenitive: 5 ~ in August, cut take subterranean bine to go up ramose have breed, the method is simple. The fireweed inside area and eyewinker will be cultivated to clear clean before growing education to protect plant, apply sufficient base fertilizer, transplant field planting undertakes after waiting for Shui Chengqing, 5 ~ of every Dou 8 individual plant, 80cm of × of 30cm of individual plant row spacing. Initial stage grows slow, must maintain water quality clear, increase the illumination in water; Use top application 1 ~ 2. Bitter grass grows rapid, its are procumbent the bine often spreads everywhere, because this every other wants for some time,undertake clearing.
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