Crayfish is fond of the yellowish filament alga that feeds aquatic series
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Huangsizao Shu
Yellowish filament alga is belonged to
Of division of alga of yellowish filament of eye of yellowish filament alga 1 belong to. Frond is not ramose protonema, the cell is cylindrical or summary expand shows two side waist drum form, long for wide 2 ~ 5 times. Young floral silk body is originallying with 1 above all the cell is originallying to grow subsequently for filament body. Cellular wall by 2 equal " H " form wall is covered close and become. The cell is embedded 1 is born to many weeks, dish shape or zonal chromatophore, odd nucleus. This belonging to for cosmopolitan the fresh water alga that distributing, have 20 a variety of, china has 7 kinds commonly, grow in pond more, happy calcium is qualitative, also have in damp rock and soil grow, some also can be in ice live. Body of the silk when breed ruptures, or generation moves spore; Move spore onefold or two, provide 2 to differ long flagellum, have the branch that carries n on the back, have eyespot and vacuole. When the environment is adverse generation does not move spore and large wall spore. Zoogamy matchs to be the same as. The commonnest sort has alga of green yellowish filament, general to give birth to alga of yellowish filament of the yellowish filament alga, alga that be like silk to wait.