The breed aquatics of pond of shrimp of crab of section of tall warm season mana
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The breed aquatics of pond of shrimp of crab of section of tall warm season manages

As the arrival of midsummer season, weather gradually burning hot, of air temperature ceaseless and elevatory, water level of crab shrimp pond is groovier piscine pond water is shallow, water is warm lift easily. Usually, the Wen Keda of water of sunshine pond surface layer with torrid weather 30 ℃ above, this unripe to the exuviate carapace of crab shrimp strip comes huge is adverse. We know, the optimal water that carapace of crab shrimp exuviate grows is warm for 20 ℃- - 28 ℃ , if adopt effective breed aquatics not in time,run measure at this moment, can cause very big effect to the growth of crab shrimp, water Wen Gaorong is easy cause aquatic to decay, make pond water quality chases gradual change thick, the diaphaneity of pond water becomes low, dissolved oxygen drops, water quality rots extremely easily, toxic substance increases, pond environment is exasperate, make crab shrimp sends ill death extremely easily in harsh pond environment, cause a loss. Be aimed at afore-mentioned circumstances, the breed aquatics of pond of shrimp of crab of section of tall warm season technical management is attached most importance to especially should, should cause breed door enough take seriously. Will breed administrative introduction to be as follows now:

One, scanty manage aquatic, of aquatic of pond of shrimp of adjusting control good crab enclothe rate

Crab shrimp breeds the aquatic of the pond to be given priority to with Yi Lezao commonly, pondweed of alga of the Hei Zao of feral aquatic impeller blade that at the same time companion has nature to grow, yellowish filament, bitter grass, Ma Lai, get together grass, the aquatic that asks annual breeds a pool is enclothed rate maintain in 60-80% . Ma Lai pondweed is after June with respect to meeting ageing atrophy, get together grass grows in high temperature season slower, of ageing get together grass often accompanies parasitism of liver mosses of mud having blueness in surface, before answering to come in high temperature season, scanty manage is dropped. Yi Lezao is cultivated water and grass, be in 4, May because water level of crab shrimp pond is lower, grow rate is rapidder, pond of very fast Xiang Chi all around spread, can enclothe pond of whole crab shrimp, also should undertake seasonable scanty manage, make in high temperature season its are enclothed rate maintain control in 50-60% , make sure dissolved oxygen of ground floor of aquatic of crab shrimp pond is rich, do not produce Ying Yile alga is too close and produce rock-bottom dissolved oxygen extremely low and cause Yi Lezao rhizome is nigrescent and cankered, create Yi Lezao surplus finally at surface. Bitter grass and impeller blade black aquatic plants, yellowish filament alga is Xia Qiu high temperature season grows good aquatic. Because this is in,cure aquatic while, should complement in time the high grade aquatic such as bitter grass and impeller blade black aquatic plants is planted source, increase resource of high grade aquatic, provide material of high grade plant sex bait for river crab on one hand, on the other hand natural perch environment makes simulation its exuviate carapace grows. Cast the shallow water area that feeds feed to should keep clear of aquatic, lest should be cast,feed feed to be caused in aquatic Cong Zhong cannot be eaten off in time to crab shrimp and cause feed mildew falsification to become disease. The scanty manage of aquatic of crab shrimp pond had better form lump to enclothe in the pond, be helpful for river crab be in aquatic so live in caves, be away for the summer holidays drop in temperature, prevent congener and even enemy harmful descent. Should make river crab is in carapace of exuviate of season of summerly autumn high temperature grows, the water and grass that must have particular area is enclothed rate, ability makes superstratum water warm as lukewarm as lower level water cause 3 ℃- - the water difference in temperature of 5 ℃ , make sure river crab is in the water under 28 ℃ is warm next success exuviate carapace grow. We are producing the discovery in practice, in the crab shrimp pond of season of summerly autumn high temperature, the exuviate case with river crab stronger constitution, be in commonly 5 ㎝, Cong Zhong of 10 ㎝ aquatic 3, can finish smoothly 5 minutes, and the river crab with poorer constitution is in carapace of exuviate of aquatic surface layer, if what exuviate carapace finishs is in before dawn, in can entering aquatic clump smoothly via the sclerosis that a hour controls, after the river crab of exuviate carapace passes the illuminate of intense in the morning sunshine later, molten of the whole body after carapace of river crab exuviate cannot activity, be in with respect to death before long aquatic surface layer. Because this is in,season of summerly autumn high temperature is opposite the strength that increases crab shrimp and immune force especially important, it is very advantageous that to crab shrimp the exuviate carapace in season of summerly autumn high temperature grows, can reduce the loss of exuviate carapace death of river crab. To already float must be scooped up in time at the rusty water plants of surface, lest produce many green mud liver mosses because of dying at the aquatic of surface because of float, or sink at pond ground floor before long after decay, whole the aquatic that sink can undertake decaying fermenting in benthic layer, aquatic rootstock is nigrescent, produce much toxic material.
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