Tall lukewarm seasonal aquiculture governs the matter that the attention answers
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The summer is annual air temperature, water lukewarm highest period, the growth that also is the aquatic such as fish, shrimp, crab, turtle busy season, it is the period that disease and piscine wail produce the most easily, it is the key that breeds management and difficulty. In high temperature season, persistent high temperature, drought is bigger to the influence of aquiculture of the pond outdoor, a bit error will affect the crop of annual and economic benefits directly. For this, proposal aquiculture door strengthen management to do good precaution.

1, strengthen cast raise. Summer water Wen Gao, fish eats feed flourishing, with the pond that fat water fish gives priority to, should reach diaphaneity according to water quality seasonable discharge top application. Eat the pond that the fish gives priority to or pot in order to eat, should cast in time feed feed. Accomplish calm qualitative, mensurable, fixed position, time cast raise, fertilization wants " 4 look " (watch a fish, see a day, see water, see season) . Want a basis to master weather, water quality, health and mobile circumstance neatly, control eats inside a hour. Because of,make aquatic easy anoxic death. The water quality that may cause odd incomplete to bait pollutes water system and breed water system quickly at the same time rots. Shrimp kind breed in weather normal circumstance falls, answer to cast sufficient feed to make shrimp satiate as far as possible. Cast raise to should adopt what deliver a few raise, much food dispersedly to throw raise way. Should cast especially sufficient the feed that drops good time time. The proportion that river crab breed aquatics should increase plant sex bait to expect appropriately, reduce concentrated feed. The plant sex feed that if cake of wheaten, pumpkin, food is river crab,loves to eat. The water and grass that has full amount is supplied. Surface wants the shady aquatic such as float of earthnut of many somes of water, water, perhaps wait for the plant that hold out water like bulrush, wild rice stem. The impeller blade black aquatic plants with many hold, bitter grass should be protected to wait in crab pool young tender aquatic, so that river crab is photographed,be fed and avoid enemy kill.
2, timely add oxygen. As a result of intense photosynthesis, the aerobic content of superstratum water is very high, noon opens aerator to be able to break the hot stratification phenomenon of pond water system. Churn breed water system to make fluctuate convection of water system in advance, rock-bottom anoxic water enters water system superstratum, make quantity of oxygen of dissolve of total pool water mixes even, make volume of oxygen of dissolve of whole water system rises thereby, can reduce effectively so the next day the anoxic condition of morning fish pool, alleviate or reduce the happening of phenomenon of dead fish of head of piscine pool float. Open the gist of aerator: Sunshine leaves midday, overcast before dawn leaves, day of showery day midnight. Midday 11: 00, 13: 00 open aerator 2 hours, can reduce piscine float head already so the can managing cost that use phone.
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