Use the secret that freshwater shrimp of rice field breed aquatics makes money
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Small freshwater shrimp is raised in county of lake of overgrown with weeds gave big effect, this county breeds door adopt a rice field to raise shrimp, paddy shrimp annulus is raised, shrimp crab is mixed raise wait for a variety of mode, make play of small freshwater shrimp gave great benefit, annual freshwater shrimp of every rice field breeds mu all net profit is in 1000 yuan of above. "Look I this pond, low-lying rice field is transformed, can receive two season freshwater shrimp one year now, income 669 yuan ah.
" laborious of this county contented presses down Xi Cun to breed finger of Hu Luoyao front courtyard to wear his home is connected many mus 40 piece the rice field tells a reporter excitedly.

2002, luo Yaoting sees Zhejiang person breeds freshwater shrimp in their village, accrual compares paddy tower above one times. Then, he also bud the thought that breeds freshwater shrimp. As a result of them the village connects a pond little, connect a low-lying Tian Duo, farmer of very much low-lying cropland did not wish to cultivate barren cropland, to form dimensions benefit, in those days Luo Yaoting contracts this village cropland of 12 mus of low-lying barren, excavate transforms freshwater shrimp of pond breed aquatics. He says, the pond gradient after the rice field is transformed is big, of can contented freshwater shrimp photograph feed with the activity, adjusting control of water potential energy, bait makings is cast feed and water quality management is very convenient, apply water quality of biology preparation adjusting control, reduced fishing medicine to wait for those who have poisonous drug to use, catch since freshwater shrimp convenient, can appear on the market group by group according to market level when shrimp seedling and freshwater shrimp appear on the market or appear on the market centrally, raise freshwater shrimp price. In those days, he puts shrimp seedling on every mus 7.5 kilograms, shrimp of goods of every mus of gains 50 kilograms, every mus of income 2500 yuan. This rich and generous income makes Luo Yaoting especially glad, he thinks every mus can earn originally 559 yuan, did not think of to earn so much unexpectedly. After first try is successful, 2003, luo Yaoting expands the area 24 mus, this, he begins to try a rice field one year to breed two season freshwater shrimp, this year of his two season freshwater shrimp mu income 4600 yuan, gross income is close 110 thousand yuan. Drive in his, the farmer of their village 30%% begins freshwater shrimp of rice field breed aquatics.

Xi Zhengrui of farmer of village of bridge of stone of contented laborious town however develop a new style or a new method of one's own tries paddy shrimp annulus is raised, he tells a reporter, as a result of rice price in recent years very tall also, paddy shrimp annulus two season freshwater shrimp breeds raised benefit and rice field benefit comparatives, and paddy shrimp annulus raise can improve soil, reduce the happening of paddy and freshwater shrimp disease, raise the norms of rice crop, character and commodity shrimp, then he begins experiment paddy shrimp annulus is raised. His experiment obtained delectable positive result 2003, in those days shrimp of goods of every mus of gains 40 kilograms, mu all income 1600 yuan, mu all gain net profit 1000 yuan. 2005, his commodity shrimp mu all income achieves 2300 yuan, paddy mu all income 670 yuan, increase an income that raises yellow silver crap and progenitive shrimp seedling, gross income of 20 mus of his rice fields 80 thousand yuan. Xi Zhengrui says, execute paddy after shrimp annulus is raised, rice mu all increase production 50 kilograms, mu all 60~70 of defray of managing pesticide, chemical fertilizer yuan, paddy mu all add receive 130 yuan. At present their county already had many 10 farmer to use rice shrimp annulus raises this kind of pattern.
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