Pond of section of tall warm season breeds administrative point
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The summer is the crucial season that aquiculture produces, as air temperature, water lukewarm abidance lifts, the aquiculture animal appetite such as fish, shrimp, crab increases apparently, absorb appetite grow in quantity, enter production flourishing period, at the same time this period also is water quality changeful, disease erupts and popular danger is seasonal, broad aquiculture door always should notice weather changes, the breed aquatics that has made this paragraph of period actively manages, cogent accomplish 4 prevent strengthen:
The first, prevent water quality to worsen
The first bit: The control of water level, summertime water Wen Gao, water quality change is sharp, together with is cast hello the amount is large, piscine shrimp crab is fecal much, should strengthen water quality adjustment, maintain pond high water level.
1, add regularly pour new water: General 7-10 day increases ① fish pool pour new water, every time 15-20cm; Every 2-3 day increases pool of ② shrimp crab pour new water, add water 10cm every time; ③ is when pool water aggravation is more serious, appropriate adopts the right amount measure that change water, change water to measure the 1/4 that must not exceed Chi Shui, in order to carry good water quality condition.
2, Chi Shui maintains from beginning to end in 1.5 meters of above.
The 2nd bit: Reasonable fertilization. The growth that to promote pool of piscine shrimp crab natural Erbium expects, assure pool water fertilizer, vivid, tender, bright, should notice reasonable fertilization. ① fish pool is given priority to with to fertilize, every 10 days, every time every mus use urea 1 kilogram, or calcium superphosphate 1.5 kilograms, specific dose still should pledge according to Chi Shuishui the circumstance is reached do not have smell situation and decide; Pool of ② shrimp crab does not need fertilization commonly; Fertilization stops when ③ fish comes on; ④ fertilization wants a few for many times, make Chishui shows green of rufous, brown and green, the color that assures water wants " vivid " . ⑤ falls in the circumstance that raises closely highly, nitrogen is contained in ordinary water the volume is high, but advocate Shi Lin is fat, be not applied or apply nitrogenous fertilizer less.
The 3rd bit: The acid-base value in water, namely the adjustment that PH is worth, day of every other 15-20 applies calx, every mus of dosage is 25-30 kilogram, after changing milk of lime total pool douse, make PH value maintains it is in 7.0-8.5, with improved water quality, in precipitation water organic matter, reduce Chi Shui organic matter oxygen demand, stimulative phytolankton grows, we breed Chi Shui to ask to slant alkalescent.
The 2nd: Prevent the anoxic, pond that prevent flood
The main reason that brings about anoxic float pool is bottom qualitative aggravation, add the abrupt change that God enrages. Emergency treatment measure: 1, put grain on oxygen or fast oxygen; 2, actuate aerator. Open aerator to must follow a few principles: ① sunshine drives 2-3 hour midday; Early morning of ② cloudy day leaves; ③ dusk does not leave; ④ float head leaves before; Midnight of ⑤ continuous overcast and rainy leaves.
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