Aquiculture of Jiangsu Wu Jiang " try water " end boiler circulation is used
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What aquiculture leans is water, too lake catchment aquiculture prevents and cure in effort all the time pollution of agricultural face source, horizontal fan presses down Wu Jiang to innovate through the technology, attempt boiler circulation is used. Chinese aquiculture net. Horizontal fan is pressed down farming take Wu Xianfeng of central vice director to introduce, this project name is " water purification of pond breed aquatics and loop use a project " , breed structure of the mode, breed that move actor to increase self-purification capacity through adjusting, repass technology measure realizes the loop that breeds water to use.

The breed aquatics without processing in tail water, contain the part such as a large number of nitrogen, phosphor, it is water system of eutrophication main " killer " . "Water of flowing water, air, clean water " the theme that is this project. The foliaceous home harbor that the project carries out area to be located in horizontal fan to press down and Home Yao harbor two administrative village, aquiculture area is 1000 mus.

This project solid almsgiver should have 3 big keys. The first closing is the utilization rate that raises feed from fountainhead. Base is optimized breed mode, implementation zoology is mixed raise, mix raised breed to crab, shrimp, fish, snail waits, can make full use of so breed the otherness between breed, lengthen food cycle, raise feed utilization rate, reduce feed residual wait with excrement and urine organic qualitative.

The 2nd closing is the methodological processing tail water that uses physics. Tail water platoon is in zoology canal, through hydrophyte and edaphic intercept, precipitate next, implementation is primary purify. Close in this in, water hyacinth and the hydrophyte such as Yi Lezao stand left extraordinary service, become the effective carrier of adsorptive and organic matter.

The 3rd closing is biology degradation. This closes in " microbial degradation pool " finish, be opposite through adding up to the complex living things such as bacterium, nitrify bacterium solely in liquid waste organic undertake degradation character. Next, to water through disinfectant medium pathogen undertakes exterminating, add oxygen establishment processing through aeration finally, implementation is used circularly.

Breed end boiler circulation to use sound very professional very complex, but fine fine savour rise, basically be to have 3 big focal points: Let a fish eat clean feed as far as possible, little in water remain is nodded, do not have method digestive really organic matter, after passing natural precipitation and aquatic adsorption, undertake biology is handled again.

Horizontal fan presses down the key villages and towns that is Wu Jiang aquiculture, along too lake pond breeds an area more, boiler circulation of implementation breed aquatics is used, the agricultural face source that OK and effective control forms because of aquiculture is polluted.

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