Crayfish is fond of the Zu grass that eats aquatic series
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Zu grass
Zu careless Potamogeton Crispus: Call shrimp alga, shrimp grass again. Pondweed division, pondweed is belonged to.
Provide close cylindroid rootstock. The bine is a bit flat, much more ramose, close base ministry constant procumbent ground, give birth to scanty or a bit close fibril at part part. Leaf form, without the handle, long 3 - 8cm, wide 3 - 10mm, tip blunt circle, jibuyao 1mm and stipule are accrete, but do not form leaf sheath, more or less does Xie Yuan submit light wave form, provide scanty or a bit close fretsaw to age. Spicate top is unripe, have a flower 2 - 4 rounds. Spend fruit period 4 - in July.
Zu grass is vivacious heavy water herb, be born in pond, laky, brook, dead water pond or conduit are more, water system shows small acid more to neuter. North and south of distributinging our country is saved each, for the world wide cloth is planted. Can do piscine feed or green manure.
Zu is careless lifecycle differs at most hydrophyte, it sprouts in autumn, wintry spring grows, 4 ~ blossommed and bear fruit in May, the summer ebbs gradually after June cankered, form scale branch at the same time (wintry bud) in order to spend unwell environment. Wintry bud is hard, the brim has a tooth-like part of anything, form if pinecone, in water lukewarm appropriate when beginning bud to grow.
Breed and help advance somebody's career: The bine inserts breed.
Gardens utility: It is laky, the good flowers stuff in scene of pond, urine.
Environmental benefit: Zu mow zinc has higher rich market capacity, with contain zinc to mix liquid waste to help advance somebody's career left and right sides of a month, embedded zinc measures body to contain 8 times what zinc measures so more than; Zu grass is right of arsenic purify ability stronger, its nature contains arsenic quantity to be controlled in 6ppm, but containing arsenic acerbity hydrogen each 2ppm mixes Potassium of mercury of 2 Potassium, vitriolic zinc, chloridize, heavy chromic acid liquid waste helps advance somebody's career below, the quantity containing arsenic inside Zu running hand can contain 16 times what arsenic measures so more than.

The staff member clears in lake face " Zu is careless " .