The breed aquatics of shrimp of the chela that overcome a family name technical
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Common of shrimp of the chela that overcome a family name says ' langouste " , or " fresh water langouste " , its flavour is delicious, nutrition is rich, know many edible for people with each passing day. Fresh water langouste lives extensively at fresh water the water area such as laky, river, pond, ditch and rice field, benthon, plankton reachs all sorts of aquatic all is dainty bait makings, grow in these water area good. Photograph the most comfortable temperature that feed to be 25~30 ℃ ; Water is warm under 15 ℃ the following activity is abate; Water is warm under 10 ℃ or more than 35 ℃ are photographed feed decrease apparently; Water is warm when 8 ℃ are the following, enter period of live through the winter, stop to photograph feed. The life of male shrimp of fresh water langouste is 20 months commonly, the life of female shrimp is 24 months. Breed its technical measure to induce as follows now: Http:// Net of life of tall tablet inn

Vitality of shrimp of sting of family name of gram of water system choice is very strong, can use the hole pool after the house before pond, rice field, room already, also can use a few cannot use what cultivate and undertake aquiculture " 3 barren " surface (namely waste water, desolate sands and appropriate fishing moorland) the breed aquatics that waits for blame farmland resource to undertake overcoming shrimp of family name chela. Every 667 square metre use 10 - disinfection of 15 kilograms of calx is antiseptic, the attention in breeding a process dominates index of concerned water quality, basically be diaphaneity maintains in 20 - 25 centimeters between.

Transplanting aquatic overcomes shrimp of family name chela to be fond of shade, had better be born to wait for forage grass with ryegrass in spray of pond edge grow, grow on surface earthnut of right amount water hyacinth, water, hollow dish, bitter grass, hornwort is cultivated to wait in benthic, be helpful for overcoming shrimp of family name sting to photograph already so feed, the activity such as exuvial, breed, reduce its again mutual incomplete is fed.

Shrimp is planted put in shrimp of the chela that overcome a family name to be planted without special seedling at present manufacturing field home, settle the way that the seedling plants, it is to put in the shrimp that hatch egg directly, 2 it is to put in young. Its origin is to receive the water system such as river, conduit, pond, rice field to catch directly continuously, or buy from the market. General every 667 square metre put 40 of the shrimp that hatch egg - 60 kilograms, or put young shrimp 80 - 120 kilograms, become shrimp so crop of every 667 square metre can achieve 400 - 600 kilograms, benefit can amount to 1000 yuan or so. Hold egg in the arms to kiss shrimp to put in April commonly, young shrimp put in May commonly.

Bait expects casting shrimp of sting of the family name that feed a gram is polyphagia, happy event feed vegetal feed, breed cost to reduce, feed is cast hello give priority to with plant sex feed, the crop straw such as if new water plants, spray is unripe, hollow barley of shape of dish, bran, half corrupt, wheaten, horsebean, paddy. Put sex of a few animals on conditionally feed (wait like small impurities fish and pluck) , the growth that overcomes shrimp of family name chela will be faster. If the stuff that be like bait is enough, young shrimp 30 - can achieve 40 days appear on the market norms.
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