Rice field of shrimp of the chela that overcome a family name breeds a technolog
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The rice field breeds shrimp of the chela that overcome a family name to invest artificially little, get effective fast, can increase the production value of unit area effectively, it is a kind of when the farmer becomes rich good producer mood.

The rice field with good, free from contamination, convenient irrigation and drainage breeds fountainhead of option of rice field option shrimp of the chela that overcome a family name, low-lying rice field is much better. Earthy with loam had better, requirement a low bank of earth between fields is richer, field surface level off.

The rice field is arranged
(1 ) ditch. Inside of ridge of field of edge rice field all around excavate raises shrimp channel, channel is wide 4 ~ 6 meters, deep 0. Rice of 8 ~ 1 , slope compares 1 ∶ 2. 5. Cropland piece area is larger, in tanaka excavate field channel, rice of channel wide 1 , deep 0. 5 ~ 0. 6 meters. Breed channel and field channel area to occupy rice field area 20 % left and right sides.
(2) prevent escape establishment. Build by laying bricks or stones of ridge of field of edge of usable brick stone is permanent prevent escape establishment, tile of usable also asbestine, net piece, calcic model board etc build simple and easy prevent escape establishment, prevent escape ridge of field of establishment tower above 20 ~ 30 centimeters, coping is shown " T " form, base ministry be buried 30 centimeters of above.
(3) clear channel disinfection. Channel of every mus of shrimp changes douse of water whole trench 75 kilograms with calx, thoroughly clear channel is disinfected.
(4) apply sufficient base fertilizer. Every mus of channel that raise shrimp applies manure of birds of cultivate of become thoroughly decomposed 500 ~ earths up fat water quality 800 kilograms.
(5) transplant hydrophyte. Hei Zao of cultivated impeller blade, horse comes to the hydrophyte such as pondweed inside shrimp channel, or water spinach is cultivated in channel edge.
(6) filter into water. Filter with screen mesh into water, take strict precautions against enemy kill biology to enter. Shrimp channel depth of water maintains 0. 6 ~ 0. 8 meters.

The seedling is planted put in a suitable place to breed
(1 ) the summer puts in a suitable place to breed. The childish shrimp that breeds in order to put in a suitable place to breed artificially in those days is given priority to. Put in a suitable place to breed time is 7 ~ September. 20 thousand end of 50 thousand ~ .
(2) winter puts in a suitable place to breed. Undertook December normally, the shrimp that channel of every mus of shrimp puts in a suitable place to breed 3 centimeters are controlled is planted 1 of 10 thousand ~ . 50 thousand end. Conditional place can undertake two season shrimp breeds, 7 ~ raised one season freshwater shrimp or shrimp of billabong of collect family name in October, came in December 5 ~ raised shrimp of one Ji Keshi chela in June second year. The seedling that put in a suitable place to breed is planted requirement quality good, standards is uniform. The seedling is put to plant in sunshine morning or shade wet, the salt leach that 4 % of 3 % ~ uses before putting in a suitable place to breed washs 10 minutes of disinfection. Put sufficient.
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