Crayfish is fond of those who feed aquatic series
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Impeller blade black aquatic plants
Common of impeller blade black aquatic plants weighs Wen Sicao, lantern osmund, turn osmund etc, formal name Hydrilla Verticillata, belong to forgbit division, Hei Zao to belong to monadlist leaf perennial heavy water plant, the bine is erect and long and thin, grow 50 ~ 80 centimeters, the leaf is banding wrap around needle form, 4 ~ 8 verticillate, with 4 ~ normally 6 are much, 1.5 centimeters or so long, wide make an appointment with 1.5-2cm. Xie Yuan is provided small toothed, xie Mobing. Wide cloth is Yu Chi pond, laky with ditch in. Each province all has our country north and south distributing.
Impeller blade black aquatic plants is dioecious, grey is lubricious, lesser, fructification assumes trigonometry good look. Qiu Mo begins agamous, the nutrition that changes especially is formed to breed bud of organic scale shape luxuriants in branch needle, common calls " day fruit " , root ministry forms " of " ground fruit. Winter weather fruit sinks benthic, be enclothed by earth soil, ground fruit joins bottom mashed vegetable or fruit 3 ~ 5 centimeters, ground fruit is scarcer. Winter is rest period, water is warm when 10 ℃ above, bud bud begins bud to grow, front growing point carries a deposit on its on the head, cauline leaf sees light shows green, what luxuriant as bud at the same time is stretchy in Jibuxie axil place produces an errant root, form new plant. Wait for plant to blossom can break a branch again again establish.
Undertake helping advance somebody's career artificially in pond of river crab breed aquatics at present.
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① branch needle inserts establish breed
Impeller blade black aquatic plants belongs to plant of " rhizoid pointed " , need shape adventitious root only, in annual 4 ~ in August, be in battalion preserve one's health to grow level, after branch needle inserts establish 3 days can rooted, form new plant.
Transplant of ② nutrition body is progenitive
It is commonly after cereal a kind of green tea, pond water the platoon does, mud taking a heart 10 ~ 15 centimeters, will grow to be cut to black aquatic plants of 15 centimeters of impeller blade grow 8 centimeters of right-and-left Duan Jie, every mus press 50 kilogram of 30 ~ even douse, make mud of immerge of cauline part part medium, add pond water to 15 centimeters again deep. Total pool is enclothing black aquatic plants of newborn impeller blade after about 20 days, can add water to 30 centimeters, deepen Chi Shui stage by stage later, do not make aquatic shows water. Transplanting initial stage should maintain water quality pure and fresh, cannot do water, unfavorable use chemical fertilizer. If have lichenous cause, can use " to kill lichenous " medicaments to exterminate.
③ bud luxuriants cultivate
Annual arrived in December immediately following in time year March is bud of bud of impeller blade black aquatic plants sow period, should choose sunshine to sow, sow forebay water to add pour new water 10 centimeters, every mus use 1000 grams of kind of 500 ~ , travel, spacing in the rows should be pressed when sowing bud bud 3 ~ insert mud 5 grains 50 centimeters in, perhaps mix silt boardcast sowing. Come when water temperature rise when 15 ℃ , 5 ~ begin 10 days to sprout, emergence rate can amount to 95 % .
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