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Phoenix eye lotus (alias: Water lecttuce, water hyacinth)
[formal name] Eichhornia Crassipes (Mart. ) Solms
[alias] water lecttuce, water hyacinth
[classify] rain is long beautiful division, phoenix eye lotus is belonged to
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Herb of swim of vivacious perennial root. Because of it float grows at surface, call water lecttuce again. Because its are between root and Xie Zhi,again the big bleb that resembles calabash account weighs water hyacinth again. Xie Xuan of bine of phoenix eye lotus hangs down to go up at water, nie branch is procumbent at surface. The flower is shape of much arris horn, design and color is gorgeous and beautiful. Foliaceous lubricious verdure slants deep. Xie Quanyuan, have qualitative feeling glossily. Fibrous root develops, tillering breed is fast, manage extensive, it is the beautification environment, good plant that purifies water quality. But evil also place:
Capability of water hyacinth breed is very strong, because,be because too strong, enclothe in whole lake face, the other plant that makes water medium cannot undertake photosynthesis, and the animal in water did not get sufficient air and food. Cannot maintain the ecological balance in water quite. (If too much take feed a swine! (If too much take feed a swine!!
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Phoenix eye lotus (water hyacinth) (Eichhornia Crassipes) produces Brazil formerly, see at our country China north, Hua Dong, China 19 provinces that counteract Hua Na (municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government) ,
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Swim plant. The root is born on the section, root system develops, root relying on wool absorbs nutrient, main root (fleshy root) the generation below tillering. Xie Chan is unripe, erect, blade egg form comes kidney circle, top is small sunken, smooth; Petiolar place has bubble bursa to assume Xie Hua's weight, suspension grows at surface. Stalk (bine) gray, bubble bursa takes bit of red a bit, tender root is white, old root slants black. Spicate, the flower is shallow blue, submit form of much arris horn, the leaf of upper part is bigger; Petaline center is unripe have one apparent bright yellow stain, form if phoenix eye, also resemble the beautiful dot of tail end of peacock feather plume, very dazzling, beautiful beautiful. Capsule egg form, have seminal majority.
Old swim is herbaceous. Fibrous root develops and in overhang water. Odd Xie Cong is born at short shrink of the bine base ministry, lamina of 6-12 of every individual plant, foliaceous egg circle, face of blade is smooth; The bottom in petiole has be like,expand the gasbag of calabash shape base the ministry has the bud that cut account piece. Beautiful bine sheet is unripe, spicate, 6-12 flower, perianth 6 crack, indigo, go up a lobation is bigger, there is the spot of bright yellow in the center of. The flower is bisexual, male kind 6, male kind 1, style slightness, on ovary.
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