Fire of langouste store business, roadside is stationed in desk
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Netizen poplar young lady mirrors: Pudong new developed area road of plain sand excellent place 162 lane village of 11 Qing Xia (with mouth of have a common boundary of new source road) downstair appearance is inn of a langouste, the business is very hot, occupy every night manage (rectify a footpath almost) , footpath is filled up with table, street stop full car, other vehicle cannot pass through to cry ceaselessly then normally flute, the pedestrian also can walk along motor-driven driveway only, and this inn business hours is very long, it is 24 hours almost, late night two special at 3 o'clock din, faze civilian does not get all sorts of noise how to sleep, the deadbeat of the late night is very complex also, affect village public security.

Langouste store business is prosperous, roadside is stationed in desk / the netizen offers a plan

Because lie for a long time below sootiness condition, whole corridor is fumed inkily, all circuitry cannot be overhauled, and it is on floor and wall thick fat, very dirty, pungent lampblack lets a person be gotten with respect to choke into corridor suffocative, disgusting dirty content liquid waste from stair outspread all the time to ash-bin corridor, offend very more mosquito, dweller complaints are heard everywhere, for many times bargaining not if really. The hope can care our common people more about the branch, let this langouste inn can press policy code the standard is managed, at the same time heart of many bits of merits and virtues, let a village restore a village this some is halcyon with auspicious.

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