A few kinds of crayfish have a way
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1, of not do a hand's turn have a way:

Have taste shrimp, most person pares with the hand, but unluckily some of person does not know hereat outfit is gentle, still be afraid of flyblown hand, cope with the shrimp roe that those all over the body are incrustation from beginning to end only with the chopstick. Can be imagined, this kind of method has taste shrimp, estimation cannot comprehend the pleasure that gets having shrimp truly. My friend is a model of this kind of method, after having shrimp every time, what stay before him is the mixture of shrimp flesh and shrimp carapace, also knowing him after all is having shrimp or practicing masticatory time, even bumbling take remaining part from the beginning, make a person admire really!

2, exquisite sanitation, wear those who begin to cover to have a way:

Do not know from when to rise, changsha person eats taste shrimp to begin popularity to taking a glove to be being caught eat. The biggest advantage that such eating helped a boss save the money that buys paper namely. See those preparation open preparative deadbeat nevertheless, each raises the posture of plastic glove on double glove, the feeling resembles is the doctor that preparation performs an operation to the patient, how many some horror and uneasy. And wearing a glove to pare shrimp, flexibility and convenient sex are reduced greatly, the feeling is not very bright. What notice even is, those gloves are mostly allegedly 3 without the product, wearing have shrimp perhaps more not wholesome.

3, make threatening gestures, control those who attack to have a way:

Oneself think, this should be to have taste shrimp most standard, most a kind of means of lasting appeal. Mix the body of shrimp roe above all forceps one divides into two, taking shrimp body single-handed, taking shrimp grip single-handed, the flesh that will go to shrimp rear of the mouth more easily to divide first pares come out to be eliminated, again 4 forceps by small to big ordinal pare, inside that delicate shrimp flesh takes the entrance one by one in, the shrimp body part that remain still can be sucked permeate those who be inside absolutely flavour soup juice, in putting 10 fingers the entrance one by one again finally, lick, ability is a shrimp roe to eat thoroughly. Only this kind has a way, ability understands the delicate true meaning of taste shrimp truly.

4, take shrimp remaining part only, do not take shrimp grip have a way:

This is to let oneself have a way one kind of deeply regret most. To I can have said to go up so is " taste shrimp essence " for the person, although the flesh of shrimp clamp part is little, take very hard again, but that can be the most delicate place on shrimp body, did not eat to abandon the world namely simply one big delicate. Look at those to abandon shrimp clamp every time, have the person of shrimp end only, I am to feel aching the flesh is painful really, wish to drive its from taste shrimp desk go down.

Each deadbeat friend, are you how have taste shrimp?
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