Season cate: Langouste tangerine
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The characteristic with the biggest vegetable of another name for Guangdong Province is delicate, delicious, emphasize the little taste of raw material itself, in cooking process utmost withholds the former juice raw ingredient of raw material. And the high demand that the seafood raw material with Canadian natural, delicious health is nagging approximately to raw material with dish of another name for Guangdong Province happens to have the same view. Canada was stationed in Guangzhou consulate general and Guangzhou wineshop collaboration recently, aim to blend in the Canadian new raw material that is a delegate with langouste among dish of another name for Guangdong Province.

The langouste thorn that we often eat in Guangzhou high-grade wine shop is to do not have personally in front of those two big chela, still thinking at the beginning is safe element by chef beforehand take out, the intertropical langouste that just knows we eat later because breed problem is inherent do not have in front of that pair of big chela. And " two tactics catchs two tactics hard " Canadian langouste body is very chief, and have 5 pairs of feet, the chela before including two, among them a chela is very big, compressed, and very heavy; And a chela is smaller, thinner also. Its body, rear and chela have incrustation protection. The color of vivid langouste from reddish brown Brown have to palm green, but dazzling tangerine is shown after thoroughlying cook, the flesh of plain boiled pork in housing bears fruit character, flavour is full-bodied.