Teng He eats a hand to seize property of crayfish grand reopen only
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Fuzhou head home has crayfish store only " Teng He eats a hand to catch crayfish only " be located in Fuzhou advance to bring warden good fortune garden of Lu Wangzhuang carry on one's shoulder, will come from with traditional recipe by Shanghai master breed crayfish to refine at the fresh water of Jiangsu and become, have taste distinctive, have heavy hot with small hot two kinds of taste allow to choose by deadbeat.

Address: Garden of carry on one's shoulder of village of king of road of blessing of Jin An warden 5 storefront

Phone: 62157873

Crayfish introduction:

Crayfish formal name overcomes shrimp of chela of original family name, also can call red chela shrimp or fresh water crayfish. Our country crayfish basically distributings downstream in the Yangtse River such as Jiangsu, Hubei, Jiangxi, Anhui area, grow in river, river, laky in body waiting for water, the amount is in 60 thousand tons of above.

Crayfish nutrition analyses:

Shrimp nutrition is rich, and its flesh is qualitative loose, easy digest, frail to the body and the person that build up one's health by rest and by taking nourishing food needs after disease is wonderful food;

Rich magnesium is contained in shrimp, magnesium has important adjustment to heart activity action, can very good protection cardiovascular system, it can reduce content of the cholesterol in blood, prevent arteriosclerosis, return can outspread coronary artery at the same time, be helpful for preventing hypertension and cardiac muscle stalk to die;

The action connecting breast of shrimp is stronger, and contain a lot ofphosphor, calcic, right children, pregnant woman has benefiting effect especially;

The scientist of Japanese Osaka university discovers recently, green element conduces to the shrimp inside shrimp body because time difference reacts,be eliminated and arising " time difference disease " .